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  1. Undead Tigers is an active lvl 6 clan and we primarily play on the NA server. Co-Leaders are the most dedicated and trustworthy members. Must have a mic, speak English, and have equal or greater skill than the leader to be considered for Co-Leader Reserves. Elites are members who have proven themselves to be fearless warriors and never abandon a member of the ambush. Must have a mic, speak English, and prove yourself in combat to be added to the Elite Reserves list.
  2. Search for and join mine, bro! Clan: Dzyan Crew: Dzyan Clan Enforcers My homie Chris and I play almost every night!
  3. Dzyan Clan Co-Leader Positions Open: ONE Elite Member Positions Open: TWO Crew: Cartel of Dzyan
  4. Crew name is Cartel of Dzyan And clan name is Dzyan Also send a friend request to TrippinKing
  5. Yeah, let’s merge our crews. Join my clan Dzyan and send me a friend request TrippinKing
  6. hey play pubg 


  7. My crew is called Battleground Mafia and the private chat room is just Mafia.
  8. Yeah sure. Just send me a friend request.
  9. I got one open spot if you want it.
  10. Battleground Mafia Don: Dæmonium
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