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  1. I thought it might be interesting to give suggestions to the game developers who monitor these forums. Some of my friends and I agreed it would be great to see them add drum-style magazines into the game and increase their capacity by 50% from what the extended magazine capacity is for each individual gun. examples include: S12K - 12rds P1911 - 18rds QBU - 30rds P18C - 37rds UMP9 - 60rds M416 - 60rds
  2. Clan Name: Savage Reapers Clan Rank: Top 1% (Overall) Clan Level: 5 Language: English Server: North America Mic: Recommended *Required for Elites and Co-Leaders Level Requirement: 7 Tier Requirement: Silver IV To join, simply add our leader - DzyanReaper - as a friend and send a request to join the clan OR respond to this post with either your player name OR player ID and you will be invited to join.
  3. I am recruiting members for my clan. We are a level 5 clan with a Top 1% average score overall. We only play on the North America server. The majority of our members are from the United States and Canada but all who speak English and communicate in games are welcome here! Our clan name is “Savage Reapers”. Leader is “DzyanReaper”. Co-Leaders are “λβκ×Fιrε”, “DaddyTripod”, and “KaptanDoosh”.
  4. I am here to recruit new members into my clan. Communication in games is a major requirement for all leadership positions in our clan, but anyone ranked as low as Silver tier may join our ranks. Our clan name is Savage Reapers and we are a level 5 clan averaging in the Top 1% for the entirety of our existence. Leader is DzyanReaper. Co-Leaders are λβκ×Fιrε, DaddyTripod, and Kaptan Doosh.
  5. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Clan

    My clan - “Savage Reapers” - is currently recruiting new members who are ranked no lower than Silver tier! Knowing English, using communication with your team, and getting friendly with me - “DzyanReaper” - will grant you a promotion! We currently have 36/50 of our roster filled and non-leadership members who are inactive for over 48 hours are kicked out. As of this moment, there are FOUR leadership positions open and available.
  6. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Search for and join mine, bro! Clan: Dzyan Crew: Dzyan Clan Enforcers My homie Chris and I play almost every night!
  7. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Dzyan Clan Co-Leader Positions Open: ONE Elite Member Positions Open: TWO Crew: Cartel of Dzyan
  8. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Crew name is Cartel of Dzyan And clan name is Dzyan Also send a friend request to TrippinKing
  9. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Yeah, let’s merge our crews. Join my clan Dzyan and send me a friend request TrippinKing
  10. hey play pubg 


  11. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    My crew is called Battleground Mafia and the private chat room is just Mafia.
  12. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Yeah sure. Just send me a friend request.
  13. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    I got one open spot if you want it.
  14. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Yes. Battleground Mafia.
  15. Dæmonium

    PUBG Mobile Crews

    Battleground Mafia Don: Dæmonium