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  1. Airgne

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Wellets have to because some of these mods just do anything they want like youtube, facebook. If you don't agree with them you are done.
  2. Airgne

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    So how about the 50 days prior notice and it was still is not fix? Why do we nee to change our play style because you guys didn’t get to fix an that was know? Also will screen shot this and send to the newspapers if removed of banned due to you punishing me for this this post. This forum is not know for its bias objective moderators. Thanks your time,
  3. Airgne

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    I'm just tossing it out as a hypothesis as it doesn't look like people are moving super slow than fast after ADSing.
  4. Airgne

    Xbox X user: buildings still wont load

    Loading is dramatically increased. Let us pick our graphic setting!!
  5. Airgne

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Did for me. I'm going to unstall the PTS and reinstall as people that I have spectate don't seem to that this issue. But it does suck 100%
  6. Airgne

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Yes this. You have to press soft aim to get you speed back. I found if you set your general sensitivity to 10 it doesn'tdo it.