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  1. Yaw

    After about 75 Raider crates.

    I opened 540 and you guys still have better stuff than me. I want the K9
  2. Yaw

    G-Coin cost

    I would guess around the same price as fortnites currency. So 9.99 for 1000 and 99.99 for 13000
  3. Yaw

    Problem getting same weapon skins over and over

    What do you expect? based on luck. Look at the drop rates.
  4. Yaw

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    He asked why it sucked and I told him.
  5. Yaw

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Why would I use kbam when i just said it's trash, my friend has one and I've tried it. Can't even use a kbam, played Xbox since 05 and console since 01.
  6. Yaw

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    The reason is sucks is because of acceleration. When you swipe it should move fast 180 but on this it's slow.
  7. Yaw

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    I know, but I'm trying to get the devs to release a fix.
  8. Yaw

    Hip fire

    Play FPP, easy fix.
  9. Yaw

    Right analog movement

    It's the type B bug, play on type a or just don't play on the PTS
  10. Yaw

    PTS FPP Server

    No one is on it because Type B isn't working. Most people play Type B on FPP.
  11. Yaw

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    But that's not precise enough they should give us a time, maybe isn't enough.
  12. Yaw

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    Really? omg i clearly can't read. Actually just you, I clearly said here: Stop repeating what others have already said. I'm pointing out that they're being lazy not fixing this before the live server.
  13. Yaw

    PTS Sensitivity Issue

    That's exactly the issue. I'm aware that they said it would be updated for the live but it makes the PTS useless. Shows incompetence, no wonder people get annoyed at the company.