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  1. KahlanEL

    is faceit any good?

    Go with the client or with a browser. I will upload a few pictures when i get home.
  2. KahlanEL

    is faceit any good?

    Click play, select solo or squad, for squad select play as solo or create party if you have friends to play with. No need to upgrade. For solo waiting time its a bit longer.
  3. KahlanEL

    is faceit any good?

    Less cheating. Better loot. No need to pay, just play. For solo waiting time can be to long sometimes. Its way better to play squad, ppl play competitive like.
  4. KahlanEL


    Ill pay 20$ to add Sanhok v2.0
  5. KahlanEL

    New shroud skins..really??

    What new skins? Cant find any info..
  6. KahlanEL

    6x on AR full auto

    Easy, zoom out, spray, control your recoil. Or macros.
  7. KahlanEL

    Terrible Erangle Loot

    North George, no scope. Half of Yasnaya, no scope. I loot only in big cities.
  8. KahlanEL

    Terrible Erangle Loot

    Nice map, garbage loot. Better to play faceit than loot for half of the game and still end up without a scope. And that is the reason why Sanhok has so many fans.
  9. Huyatv pandatv etc are internet caffe accounts. Thats why they have so many games played.
  10. You sound like a person who calls everyone a cheater. If someone spray you with a 3x its a cheater right?
  11. KahlanEL

    Peek & Fire & Open scope ?

    What? Thats how you do it, lean, scope, shoot.
  12. KahlanEL

    Please nerf the AWM

    Dont nerf it. Its ok now.
  13. KahlanEL

    The missions for the weapons are boring...

    He didnt mean 10 kills in a single game, doh..
  14. KahlanEL

    Patch #27 Feedback

    Game crashes every time i exit to lobby or watch death cam.. Wtf happend?