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  1. Or maybe they see you first and hunt you till they get a good position. Its better to wait till your target gets in the open. I dont know where you see so many cheaters, do you play a different game?
  2. Go with competitive settings. Bring back all the faceit players.
  3. Make nades to take less space in backpack so we can carry more of them. Thank you.
  4. True that. I play sanhok because i can loot and fight. Erangel as a map is great, but before this loot buff i played only sanhok, now erangel is back. For me, its great to have more loot, i dont care that other 2-3 players land in the same city and have good loot to. The fight is even.
  5. Maybe a wave ban to macro users? So many razer, steelseries and logitech mice users with no recoil scripts recorded in their mice memory.
  6. Some of us love early fights, some of us love to drop in a big city. Its frustrating to drop in pochinki and to find only pistols. Im back to work, have a nice day.
  7. What do you do in the first circles? Camp in a bush? Loot is great, more fighting and less search for an ar in 10 pochinki houses
  8. Erangel is fun to play again. To afraid to fight a fully kitted guy? I think you are those campers who hide in a bush to get top10. now we can fight after 5 mins max, not everybody camps, not everybody wants a win with 1 kill.
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