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  1. ericthegreat

    Low Number Games

    Only terrible and selfish human beings would quit like a child because they didn't get the map they wanted. What a spoiled generation we have on our hands.
  2. ericthegreat

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    Isn't this the whole point of the training area to test shooting other people? Right now no one dies so it's useless after a few minutes of goofing off.
  3. ericthegreat

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    I think in training mode you should be able to knock other players. They then stay down for the length of a typical revive (show revive animation). On revive they have 100% health. It would be fun and more useful to know what is required to take someone down.
  4. ericthegreat

    Map rotation idea(?)

    If people back out then just ban them after a while. Backing out because you don't like a map is childish and ruins the game for others on the game that like that map. Only a selfish idiot would back out for this reason, lets hope not many people would do that. Just ban them if they back out X times over X period of time.
  5. ericthegreat

    New LMG's please?

    I can NEVER find LMG for that weekly mission. Stupid DP28 always hiding on me. Terrible to have a mission with no weapon spawn.
  6. ericthegreat

    Map rotation idea(?)

    My thought is they simply count your total games on each map (which they already do). Then weigh the map selection chance heavily towards the map you have played least.
  7. ericthegreat


    Good point.
  8. ericthegreat


    I'm trying to get to 100 without the free 20.... it's actually pretty hard. Some of the latest week missions are confounding. Loot an AWM from a player? Yea, good luck with that. Seven helmets is tough, person dies before helmet goes, seven vests, ugh. Can't even find a LMG. lol Anyway, think I'll make it. Congrats to those that have! Oh, and before the kills with 4x scope those scopes were everywhere....now I swear I have not seen one in days. lol stupid game
  9. ericthegreat

    Season SP grind

    It's beyond ridiculous. They should send a patch and fix that now. I don't know what's healthy or not for hours a day sitting in front of TV, but 35sp for a win with 7 kills....wow. I have no chance basically. Challenge is fun, but this is just suicidal and encourages extreme hardship on your body. There are people who can't step away from challenges like this and will put their health at risk. Did the Devs even take into account the realistic hours required for an average player to accomplish this?
  10. ericthegreat

    Just spotted these PC update details

    Only three flare guns per map??? Basically means I'll never find one.
  11. Yes, you are the only one The game has only improved over time. I would reverse nothing....mostly.
  12. I stand by my comment. Price, burn in, response rate, vibrance fade over time are all real issues with OLED. You yourself even said you can't play more than 20 minutes due to burn in. Terrible issue, among others
  13. ericthegreat

    Low Number Games

    Had a 18 person game last night around 9:30pm cst (na server)
  14. ericthegreat

    Season SP grind

    I'm at level 5100 in Solos and find the rate Of increase just unacceptable. I often play a few hours per evening and even at this high amount of regular play doubt I'll hit 6000. I'm seeing an increase of 3 points per regular game, top 20, with a kill. That's SLOW. Better games give a little more...but cmon man, you're killing us here. Even a crummy game take 20 minutes...who has that kind of time? Please change that rate so dedicated people have a real chance and don't have to spend an unhealthy amount of hours playing.
  15. Oled is not for gaming of course. They also dim over time. It's a dead technology as far as I'm concerned. Local dimming LED is the best tech at the moment.