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  1. I absolutely hate that they reset the stats. Just another idiotic thing that makes you not care about the game at all. No one has the time to play 24 hours a day and casual players get pissed off seeing all their work go away. It would be fine to show season stats but also keep your overall stats because when comparing and bragging with friends no one cares about the season, we care about since the beginning of time. So yea, I'm pretty sure PUBG does everything they can to make people run from this game and not be invested in it. Deleting your hard earned stats is just another way they push us away.
  2. my friends and I all miss the ORIGINAL music for sure and even the loading screen. That was classic PUBG and iconic. I know it's a small thing, but it was so catchy and was a familiar friend that I wish would come back. The thing with logos and branding is that you should try and keep it consistent so people know you. When you keep changing it people don't feel connected and it doesn't bring back the warm feelings you might have developed. This is all such common sense stuff...I'm unsure why PUBG doesn't get it.
  3. There's an overwhelming amount of keyboard players (obvious after spectating), classic WASD movements and pinpoint accuracy on a flick. I rarely play anymore as a result, it's just getting so bad and no longer fun. No need to even comment on a topic beat to death. I just hope the DEVs have all resources working on a way to keep XIM users out of the game.
  4. the map selection is killing this game. I keep getting the same maps over and over and over. They need a way to force as much even rotation as possible for each player. When someone gets the same map they don't care for three times in a row it sucks the life out of you. Just get rid of the selection options all together.
  5. Since PUBG doesn't allow mouse and keyboard the ones using XIM to get around it are straight up cheaters. No poll necessary. On a console there should be no mouse players unless the developers allow it....and we'd crucify Bluehole or whatever their name is now if it was allowed. I don't think there's a way to stop XIM users at the moment. It stinks...because there are a LOT of them. Mixer is full of them. They get more followers and donations the better they do, so many resort to XIM.
  6. They become everyone's favorite spots. Imagine being random you'd always be finding new and cool spots on the fly. It would level the playing field a little. I think procedurally generated BR maps are the future. When we get there and what game/platform is first we'll have to wait and see. I'm sure it's no small task or it would have been done already.
  7. Here's an impossible idea I'm sure... Randomly generated maps (or partially random). Like when you generate a map in Minecraft the world, terrain, structures, trees, etc all randomly generate. I wonder how possible that would be because it would take battle royal to the next level and keep things fresh. Devs could lock some things down to save on loading, but trees and brush, rocks, vehicles random for sure, maybe you have 200 building location options that the map randomizes for the 60 available. I think having crazy terrain that you don't know from game to game would be very interesting as the circle closes. I'd be fine waiting a minute extra for world to generate for this sort of awesomeness. Or maybe we have to wait for the power of next gen consoles.
  8. You guys, it's obvious a XIM mouse user (sure, I'll pass judgement). Some really underestimate the advantage that brings. With a mouse you don't potato, it's extremely accurate. Yes, you still have to know your strategy. Who know about radar....but a mouse in the hands of an already good player is unstoppable. Microsoft needs to fix any bypass options in their next xBOX so that mouse is only possible if the game developer allows it. There must be a way!
  9. The map selection is so bad, so bad.... there's no rotation of the maps. We only like Mirimar and Vindiki and of course never seem to get those. This game is so idiotic. Why in the world would you make the two worst maps the featured ones? Just go in order so you get the same number of each map and no one can complain.
  10. Once again, I do not give a rip about other languages or countries. Every single person on this board speaks English. So my point is valid. Ban everyone else and let's get the new world order moving along a little quicker. The names are stupid to anyone that speaks English and to US players....which is probably 90% of players. Do we really need the other 10%? I mean would anyone notice if they were permabanned?
  11. I don't give two craps about any of those other countries...not one bit, and neither should anyone else!
  12. Basically every single location name since nothing can be pronounced. It's pretty frustrating and ridiculous really when trying to communicate with others. Why would they make such impossible names? Just another major usability mistake.
  13. I physically see them all the time on Mixer....obvious. Any baffoon can buy XIM and use M&K to dominate. Common sense alone will tell you there are HUGE numbers out there. I don't think it can be detected and that's why it's not being banned.
  14. Nice idea! BP I guess..... Would be nice to have more to buy with BP. Challenges give you a reason to play, some of us are OCD like that and want to complete everything.
  15. Can't you just give quick join as the ONLY option and weigh the map chance based on which map you have played the least? Or do simple rotation weighted based on map you are due next? If that map isn't available anytime soon play another. Simple math stuff. I really hate getting the same map over and over again. It makes no sense.
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