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  1. Too big of a TV is actually harder from what I've found. 75" here and it's not as easy to move your eyes around at that size. 55" is probably ideal. 4k of course and low response rate.
  2. UNTRUE! PUBG even mentions getting into an enemy car as an example thing to do in their sneaky mission challenge. People are so misinformed on these forums. This is completely different than teaming and you can report all you want, ain't going to amount to diddly squat. Teaming means you travel the game together and fight together.
  3. PUBG don't listen to this guy. The game is already too heavily focused on gun skills and the keyboard players (tons of them) are ruining it. If anything we need less guns and more alternative and creative ways to take people out and get to 1st place.
  4. I love video game consoles. I'll be there at midnight on the opener no matter what. It's fun and at my age I'll take that.
  5. Skipping this one. Terribly boring, even worse than the last one if that's possible. The coupons are ridiculous and pointless. Stats all got reset, my friends and I really losing interest. And please don't tell me to go to some website to see my stats, not happening.
  6. Great idea. Current maps just so stinking boring, same ol, same ol. The purists will rip this apart though.
  7. when playing with friends no one is going to take the time to go look at some website to check stats and see who's more of a man. Too much work. Oh and even the levels went from 100 to 70....so got robbed there a little bit too. Just giving feedback like everyone else, won't be buying this pass unless they lower it to $5.
  8. Yea, nothing interesting here at all, I'm not getting the new pass. All the stats also got rest so I'm really bummed that all my hard work went away and back to zero. All my friends are freaking out that their stats are gone. Why would they do that? Who has time to grind again? Screw this stupid game.
  9. The ORIGINAL music and intro screen was iconic and the best hands down. They need to bring that back ASAP and stop changing classic PUBG. Bo back to the OG music/screen!!!!!
  10. I hate elitist players ruining this game and telling others how to play. People like the OP are ruining this game because PUBG tends to listen to the forums and thus mucks everything up for the 99% of normal players never visiting the forum.
  11. The worst part is the developers listen to the few elitist nuts on this forum bent on making the game boring and some kind of purist gun thumb battle. As a result of listening to the 1% instead of the 99% of players they took many missteps and the game is seriously boring. Main people left are XIM keyboarders slaughtering the rest that come and go.
  12. Seems great to me...rendering, everything perfect. Not a single issue at the moment (only played a few games).
  13. I absolutely hate that they reset the stats. Just another idiotic thing that makes you not care about the game at all. No one has the time to play 24 hours a day and casual players get pissed off seeing all their work go away. It would be fine to show season stats but also keep your overall stats because when comparing and bragging with friends no one cares about the season, we care about since the beginning of time. So yea, I'm pretty sure PUBG does everything they can to make people run from this game and not be invested in it. Deleting your hard earned stats is just another way they push us away.
  14. my friends and I all miss the ORIGINAL music for sure and even the loading screen. That was classic PUBG and iconic. I know it's a small thing, but it was so catchy and was a familiar friend that I wish would come back. The thing with logos and branding is that you should try and keep it consistent so people know you. When you keep changing it people don't feel connected and it doesn't bring back the warm feelings you might have developed. This is all such common sense stuff...I'm unsure why PUBG doesn't get it.
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