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  1. There is an issue with the pubg win stats. When you go to your profile, it shows you how many career solo, duo, and squad wins you have. When I recently got a solo win, my solo win count went from 8 to 10. I know this is good for my stats, but I probably shouldn't be getting 2 wins for every actual win I get. I thought I would let you know so that peoples win stats are accurate. I could have just not said anything, and I could rack up a bunch of wins for my stats. I think its better to have integrity, even though a bunch of other players will probably be mad at me for this.
  2. I think I speak for the whole pubg community when I say STOP COMING OUT WITH UPDATES! Please Work on fixing the game before you update anymore. There are too many bugs You need to fix before updating again. The bugs are: Buildings not rendering in, game crashes, rubber banding, cars randomly running into nothing and blowing up, bridges not rendering in when cars are driving, then the car randomly floats under the map, players falling under the map, and broken guns!. I shot a man in his bald head with a pistol and it didnt kill him. This is not realistic. If someone took a 45 ACP bullet to their bare skull in real life, they would die. This is not because of my internet nor my xbox. I have a newer Xbox one S as well as 50MBPS with wired internet which is super fast. This is a problem on your end. Every time you update the game, the problems get worse. I am a computer science major and know how coding works. I love pubg so much and want it to do well. But it can't do well when nobody can play it because of how broken it is. Please please please fix the bugs. Maybe reduce each match to 80 people instead of 100 if that would help. I am not trying to be mean in any way, i am trying to help you out-compete fortnite and this is the way to do it. I have died so many times in matches because of bugs and glitches. This makes pubg hard to come back to. If you are wondering why people are putting down pubg for fortnite and apex, this is why. Again, not dissing pubg, i love pubg very much. Final closing statement: With all good intentions, please fix the bugs before coming out with new updates...... P.S. We should have the option to choose which map we can play on. Lots of people told me They would play pubg more if they got to choose the map.
  3. I have been doing multiple challenges this season, and some havent been showing up. For example, i used a painkiller, energy drink, and an adrenaline syringe all in a single match. The challenge still says i have not unlocked it yet. Another one i did is the challenge to revive 2 teammates and be revived twice all in a single match. I did this and it still didn't pop up as complete. These are weekly challenges that arent working. Please fix if possible. Thanks!
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