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  1. MANGUN88

    Thumbless Gaga 34 kills

    I've asked him that before as well. Before "reset to right shoulder", there were times when your soft aim would get stuck on left shoulder after a left lean. So, he's just formed a habit of double checking it, even though now there's "reset to right shoulder".
  2. MANGUN88

    God, this game is good.

    Good point
  3. MANGUN88

    God, this game is good.

    Now that is an accomplishment and what a survivor is. Winning 34 gunfights in a row and on to win the game.
  4. MANGUN88

    God, this game is good.

    Now, Thumbless Gaga or Aimbot. Best I've seen on Xbox. Not saying there isn't someone better but they have my vote.
  5. MANGUN88

    God, this game is good.

    Not even close bro. Your arrogance on this forum never ceases to amaze me. You average a 1 kd. That leaderboard you speak of isn't a leaderboard anymore. It rewards grinding foremost not skill. If sneaking the whole game is your style,kudos, but please save the "I'm the best ever nonsense". Lol
  6. MANGUN88

    Quick Join Update / Map Selection

    You guys had it right the first time. Battle royal and mini royal. Slower paced vs fast paced.
  7. I just wish they would leave the bare bones of the game alone. Stop changing gun recoil, dps, what they fire, etc. Now messing with meds. There are enough things that need attention.
  8. Just try timing you que up. A friend and I got it the 2nd try.
  9. Agreed. That was my only "complaint".
  10. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/x-moaon-aabe-x/video/70794418 most memorable I have recorded
  11. MANGUN88

    Canted sights

    So, when equipping a 4x and canted sights will they follow the respective settings? As in whatever my 4x scope sens is set at and canted sights follow what 1x sens. is set at?
  12. MANGUN88

    Feb. 28th Update

    Is the dlc digital camo that came with the controller getting fixed on the male character @PUBG_Andymh5
  13. MANGUN88

    Listen To The Community!

    Actually it does have alot to do with it. I'm not against custom games by any means, so dont get me wrong. And testing vikindi?, we can still just pick other maps and not play that at all
  14. MANGUN88

    Listen To The Community!

    Custom games is what, if any, would ruin matchmaking times if map selection was added. Nothing else. If it wasnt for that there wouldnt be an issue with map selection ques if I were a betting man
  15. Started off in TPP and got used to it so just continued on with it when FPP dropped. That's about it really.