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  1. Does anyone else still not get bothered by his particular issue fro m the ADS being misaligned from different perspectives. There is a massive deviance from the central perspective point from onl y 1 0m away. - see the video and image I posted- https://youtu.be/F3kWhjLPUQ4 https://imgur.com/gallery/4OGQXWv
  2. @Andymh5 or @PUBG_Oreoree will this be fixed? We’ve been patiently waiting for quite some time.
  3. I know, it’s funny, not to mention they gave themselves credit for fixing it so fast on Xbox lmao.. I didn’t know 50 days was fast hahaha
  4. Yeah, so much for “FixPubG” load of marketing garbage to try and make people feel better.
  5. @Andymh5 hey the fix was made on Xbox for the slow sensitivity but patch 20 on the PTS for PC didn’t even address the issue... what’s up with that?! It started on the PC version to start. This is frustrating me beyond belief............ >:-O
  6. @PUBG_Lumos does that mean you guys also hot fixed the PC for this controller sensitivity issue too when you fixed the Xbox issue? Thanks.
  7. This is on type a and b. It’s been around since patch 12 on the PC and they never listened to the original thread that reported the bug and requested the fix. I can’t believe it’s been 90 days and they haven’t even taken this big into consideration. That is really sad..
  8. This is on type a and b. It’s been around since patch 12 on the PC and they never listened to the original thread that reported the bug and requested the fix. I can’t believe it’s been 90 days and they haven’t even taken this big into consideration. That is really sad..
  9. @Andymh5 Xbox now has the dumb aiming glitch that’s listed in here. This issue has been around since update 12 on PC and will break the Xbox version on PTS. User aims down sites and the sensitivity of that ads takes on the general sensitivity. It’s so frustrating and I can’t believe it’s on the Xbox PTS now.
  10. Thanks! The general sensitivity takes on that of the scope you ads and can only be corrected by hitting the focus button once you unzoom your scope afterwards.
  11. Oh and it may only be the PTS. But hopefully it's fixed...
  12. Hey, did they fix this issue in Patch 19? I haven't been on yet.
  13. I wonder if this was the issue I've been having. I noticed that too, but it would do this after 2-4 minutes. Going ads ended up turning me faster compared to freelook when it started bugging out with the controller.
  14. I know, it's so frustrating. I'm afraid this issue could be pushed to the Xbox servers too when they add more patches.
  15. Fix this issue on the controller. It's so frustrating! I can't fix my slow sensitivity on the controller now because of this issue. Your aiming sensitivity with a controller (game pad) works for a few minutes and then becomes extremely slow. It's been way over a month and nothing has been done to fix this. @PUBG_Oreoree has anyone looked into this? The game is unplayable in this state for controller (game pad) users.
  16. I play PubG with a controller and all of the scope sensitivities work fine, however my main controller sensitivity while looking around breaks after two minutes. Everything works fine and I can look normally when I start my first PubG game and then about 2 minutes later, the look sensitivity starts moving at 1cm/second. All my other scopes still work fine. I don't play on PC often and use this controller for the xbox too. Something within the game mechanics on PC malfunctions.
  17. I think event pass should be free for the first 2 months as compensation, since there are always errors with updates for the first 30-45 days. Or there should be a, buy 1, get 1 free for event passes as compensation.
  18. Trying to land mid circle now so I don't have to drive a car. I crash after driving for more than two minutes.
  19. I'm crashing every other game... OG Xbox 250gb hd
  20. I joined. Thanks for the invite! Do you guys game Xbox as well?
  21. There needs to be a sensitivity option added for 3x and 6x scopes in the menu. I'm not sure how that was missed, but currently the 3x and 6x move at 300 miles an hour and can't be used at all with a gamepad. Please fix this issue asap.
  22. Online (Social Media and Forums) are a place where we get to offload our brain trash anonymously and feel comfortable about doing so. I understand that it's fine to complain about everything, but to be honest, which others games are this massive with a smaller company that exploded this quickly and are doing so much to do the best they can to appease everyone. Sure, not everyone is happy, but they have statistics from 10's of millions of players and they can analyze the best times that will give them the most feedback. It may not be ideal for some countries, however this game will give them the best test results on certain servers so they can help produce the best experience possible in the future because the data says people in NA on TPP play the most. If you live in EU, you'll just have to deal with it until they roll their next testing period out.
  23. Another idea @PUBG_Hawkinz if it's not too late. You could take language from the setting of the Savage map and translate them to Thai words such as "Vacated Resort" (Vacated being a synonym of Abandoned) and call it "Luk Resort". This has a ring to it because it translates to Vacated and at the same time you have to be "lucky" to even get out alive which is a nice play on words. Also "Savage" could be translated to the Thai language as well but is a little more difficult to say phonetically > Xảmh̄it. I did a direct translation for "Death" as well and it sounded nicer to pronounce in Thai then Savage did. "Khwām tāy Island" Has a nice foreign ring to it that translates to "Death Island" and keeps the unique feel to the content PubG creates with all the names you'd labelled for Miramar/Erangel locations. Let me know what you think. Synonyms and Google translate = Everyone's friend.
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