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  1. The PS4 controller just sucks for PUBG. The START button is essential for gameplay and geeses it's horrible to press so many times!
  2. eduhunter

    Asia/SA Playing in NA Servers

    There are no SA players on NA servers because we already have our own SA servers (been 2 or 3 months).
  3. eduhunter

    Is the M249 broken on console?

    I was trying to understand this official chart (weapons damage): https://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=AKM&armor=1&helmet=1&distance=111&htk=dmg&pel=true&burst=false Why MK14 is a lot better than the standard DMRs and the M249 is so normal compared to regular ARs?
  4. Naaaa that was always a rumor and never was implemented. I believe that happened due to MS imposition and not devs limitation (probably a term in the contract between them).
  5. Enjoyed the defensive molotov strategy and thats all.
  6. What??? When this happened? I have my X since march 2018 and don't remember the game running in 60 fps.
  7. eduhunter

    not my proudest win...

    I misunderstood the thread's purpose, I apologised some posts ahead.
  8. eduhunter

    not my proudest win...

    @pajama dad and everybody... I reread your thread and ask for sincere apologise because I misunderstood it!
  9. eduhunter

    not my proudest win...

    So what is the point of this thread? There are lots of different strategies, don't start and try to teach everybody the WAY YOU WANT THEM TO PLAY.
  10. eduhunter

    PTS Rare Cosmetics

    Me too
  11. I believe they keep it online (PTS) to let people play in the new map only because they already gathered all the info (and bugs) for release on the live servers. That's not a problem really. I kinda like it tho.
  12. eduhunter

    750BP On Millitary Crates SMFH

    Just gave up spending BPs on crates. It's useless.
  13. eduhunter

    Xbox capping upload speed?

    Here is your answer @Black Dahlia NZ It's quite easy to fix actually. Just set the DMZ on the router and it will be fixed.
  14. eduhunter

    New content we want to see in 2019

    60 fucking FPS!! The game would be SO brilliant with it that I would stop playing another games in the next months and maybe this year!