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  1. I really liked those bags but that was it. I still have the 20 level pass coupon but I guess I won't use it here yet.
  2. Let's call someone here whos going to be infuriated: @brutusbr
  3. There must be something wrong with servers. @PUBG_Andymh5 is aware of the problem and is looking into it here: Cheers guys!
  4. This happened to me in the morning (I'm SA aswell, 5 hours earlier) and I thought it was related to the queue time. Let's see. @PUBG_Andymh5 if you need my GT is "quepalhaco".
  5. Using the thread for another question: Are you guys anxious for the update? I'm gonna say I'm truly confident about the rendering fixes and all stuff. Let's see!
  6. Thanks for elucidate it! That's what I was trying to say. From my point of view, a "normal" shot but from the dead guy he could be very mad thinking I was using a M&K to drop this shot!
  7. In SA servers we are infested of them because brazilian players (remember I AM brazilian) wants to win at all costs no matter what and the cheat can be included.
  8. Would you call me M&K because of this shot?
  9. Tried 2 days ago and the rendering is AWESOME. Miramar was the only map with minor issue on rendering (took a lil bit more) but it was a decent move forward to a better game. Hope they don't screw up when get this to live servers.
  10. Potatoing on the 1st kill: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/quepalhaco/video/72285235 Bonus: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/quepalhaco/video/74358789
  11. Usually one or two. Normally after one crash, hardly happens again in the game session (3 to 4 hours of ininterrupt gaming). I have 200gb of free HDD space. Xbox one X with standard HDD - hardwired 240mb/20mb
  12. And the game crashing is BAAAAACK!!! At least one crashing per night (or game session which means 3 or 4 hours of gaming). @PUBG_Andymh5 the SA servers are INFESTED of players using keyboard & mouse. Is this allowed? Is something going to be done after all? I'm giving up this game, really.
  13. My game isn't freezing and I'm on Xbox One X. Have you guys checked you're in the correct servers for you also?? Everything related to rendering and loading pass throught internet packets aswell. Even better: have you guys already reinstalled the game?
  14. Still poor rendering on Vikendi AND Miramar. A little better but still very poor for a survival game. How am I gonna manage to strategically land somewhere else if I can't even see where are the weapons? It's insane. Otherwise everything seems to be fine. You guys should went to try 60 fps as I can see there are no more improvements to be done to the FPS. The people with FPS problems should reinstall the game AND do a complete shutdown (the option is in the Xbox Dash configuration in Energy).
  15. Your kill reminds me of this one long ago: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/quepalhaco/video/53927721
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