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    This game is so broken.

    It's sad that it has gotten worse now that Vikendi is live.
  2. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/so-calm13/video/68467100 Apparently I was playing with Mike Tyson last night.. you would think he could afford an X so that he doesn't render through the ground though.. Like wtf are you supposed to do with these people, its getting ridiculous. Rendering is worse now since Vikendi came to live than ever. Never have I had buildings appear so late after pulling my chute, even the test server loaded tons quicker. I'm on an X with SSD, I can't imagine how frustrating it is on the other end for the guys getting stuck all the time.
  3. So Calm13

    Think I figured it out, network

    At least we have scavenger hunts though. 🙄
  4. So Calm13

    Think I figured it out, network

    yes the fucking jumping out of the plane thing... jesus they can't get the controls to work. Why can't it be like ever other game ever, where once that control action becomes available you start doing it. If I'm holding up on the stick before i jump out of the plane, I should be going forward as soon as I'm out. Just like trying to ads after doing anything, or walking over a small drop. Any real game would just resume ads after you fell 2ft or whatever caused you to lose ads. nope not pubg. Oh you just reloaded? Pressed left trigger .0000002 seconds too soon? No ads for you!
  5. I play on one x with ssd, definitely seeing some interiors not fully loaded as i start to loot. Also full buildings not rendering until I've parachuted almost right to them. This never happened before. The interiors do load for me quite shortly after I land but this was never an issue before, not even on test servers. Could be wrong here, but I'm guessing that the x/ssd users that don't see these issues are having slightly slower parachutes and possibly dropping certain buildings/locations that inherently load quicker. The issue is the worst for me dropping castle, if I have a good chute then I'm in whichever room I loot first before the tables/items load. Often I'm left looking around for a couple seconds before the loot even shows up.
  6. It's classic xbox pubg, one step forward two back. I'm no programmer and I do understand that they have to get a ton of code all working together for a polished experience, but come on... Like everyone else said, the ready up issue... how do they manage to let something like this happen.. continually. You would think they could at least get the f'n menu to work right. Only been a year.. I play on a one x with the game installed on an SSD and after this update im seeing some of the worst rendering times ive ever seen at the beginning of matches, especially on Vikendi. Don't know what changed from the test server but now buildings aren't loading until your parachute is almost on top of them. I also want to mention that once in the game I feel that they have made some decent progress on getting the framerate smoothed out and improving playability. Still miles to go on a number of aspects but it is just hard to see things go backwards on something seemingly as simple as getting a menu to work properly..
  7. So Calm13

    Kar98 clips

    Some great clips in this thread from all posters 👍 A few of mine that I enjoy here Having a little fun with this one lol https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/so-calm13/video/67413338 Gotta love getting involved in someone else's fights https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/so-calm13/video/67413405 Reach out and say hi https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/so-calm13/video/67413574 Lol prob never hit this consistent again https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/so-calm13/video/67413692
  8. So Calm13

    Elite controller

    Love my elite, would never go back to a regular controller. I used to only use two paddles but recently switched to all 4. It takes time to get used to holding the controller with paddles on, especially all 4. I bought an aftermarket set of accessories (paddles and sticks) from amazon. This lets me run 4 short paddles since the long ones are very uncomfortable to me. I haven't had any issues with my bumpers breaking. After about two years of use I'm getting a little stick drift as you would expect with any controller, nothing that you can't tune out with deadzone adjustments. The grips are peeling off but im sure could be glued back on if you do it when they first start. Overall very happy and would buy again. I know everyone has their own preferences and the infinite mapping possibilities are the whole draw of this controller.. that being said, I'm curious why so many people use the paddles to remap leaning? I use my paddles to remap the a b x y buttons. These are all things that I find are useful being able to access while still keeping both thumbs on the sticks. Being able to loot/open doors, crouch or jump and swap weapons all while maintaining my movement and directional control is very beneficial to me. Obviously play styles and personal preference dictate which buttons you remap, with there being no wrong way to do it.
  9. So Calm13

    FPS Counter

    Good to see its been proven. I've never looked. I'd like to see some consistent testing during intense situations with lots of players/action happening in smaller areas and see how it holds up
  10. So Calm13

    FPS Counter

    They're probably afraid to let people see how low it actually is..
  11. So Calm13

    Anyone else had this?

    https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/so-calm13/video/66346632 Clip starts with my buddy trying to revive me, which on his screen was going but never saw a counter wheel on my screen. His controls then locked up, you can see him gliding around in the revive position, unable to pull out a gun or do anything.. Anybody else have something similar happen and if so how did you fix it?
  12. So Calm13

    FPS Counter

    lol have you ever thrown a smoke? In 4k you're not getting a slight blip to 24fps, you're watching a pubg powerpoint presentation at maybe 10fps.. I've played a decent number of hours on both settings and the framerate priority definitely helps in situations where smokes/molotovs are present. Other than that I didn't see too many times where the framerate priority seemed to be much better.