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  1. EliteSniper1352

    2 BUGS

  2. EliteSniper1352

    Explosive Charge - Weapon Suggestion

    Skill? As in hitting a trick shot? oh ok, Just leave 🙄
  3. EliteSniper1352

    Explosive Charge - Weapon Suggestion

    Have you seen my map suggestion?
  4. EliteSniper1352

    Need help

    When and if you join the team you will find out Cant risk having it stolen
  5. EliteSniper1352

    Need help

    Me and my team are going to be shooting mini movie's on the Xbox version of PUBG, so if you want to you help here are the requirements - 18+ Must have PUBG on xbox one Have a clear and good MIC Not be hard headed Have discord If you meet this requirements then Message TTV TheeReaper on Xbox one
  6. EliteSniper1352

    Peeking problem

    PUBG is starting to turn in to RB6 with the POV's, I legit can only see the top of their helmet and nothing else, and they are still able to shoot me?! Please fix this PUBG Corp, love your game, just dont want to deal with this. Leave you thoughts in chat.
  7. It annoying when a person leaves the party and one of you have to back out just to start a new lobby! So I believe the host should have the ability to kick them.
  8. What if PUBG Corp added a C4 Explosive Charge to the game, Would you like it? I sure would! We could plant them on door's, Floor's, and wall's. Setting the stage for neat 200 IQ traps, Awesome YouTube montages and so much more! So let me get back to my question, would you like to see it come to the game?
  9. Who is looking forward to vikendi !!!
  10. EliteSniper1352

    Reworking redzone.

    How about adding a plane like a A10 to drop the bombs instead of it being random. It would give people more of a warning. Or maybe have the C-130 drop a MOAB ( Mother Of All Bombs ) in redzone and that be all.
  11. EliteSniper1352

    Urban City map Suggestion

    PUBG Corp could go in so so many directions with this idea. They could go to a Evacuated city map Destroyed city map. Or just a abandoned city map. They could add allot of unique locations and not even to mention all the new vehicle and weapons they could implement. The map could possibly be a 8x8 or 6x6. There could be little to no greenery on it. It would be a new step towards Map diversity. Because every map in the game is full of greenery and dense forest. So lets change that forest to a big city!