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  1. Honestly they need to add a mini royale version of each map which would be amazing for players who want a variety of maps but on a smaller scale. The new map and miramar voth would be sick if they played like sanhook i have hundreds of matches streames and all my dinners clock in at under 23 minutes. The other maps anywhere from 35 to 45 minutes.
  2. Look i love the new map but can not stand that there is no individual map filters. It is annoying i do not always have a lot of time and Sanhook offers a quick experience can play a good three games in a hour. Ever since the update which i paid for btw to support this company the game has gone from being the best to the worst. I do not want to ever play miramar ever and the fact that i can not just que for Sanhook makes me so sad. Is there a individual filter coming soon? If not sad to say i think i am going to be done with pubg for good.
  3. dear pub G why in the name of Christ and Jesus and his mother Mary can I not just play sanhook can you please tell me why I cannot just play sanhook. Some of us actually have lives and jobs and cannot spend 45 minutes per around to play these terrible maps if somehow you could put a many Royal Version of all the maps that would be great but for now how about just a filter so people can play the actual map they want when they want because this went from being my favorite game and only game that I care about and want to play to now causing me to have cancerous tumors every day my brain is going to explode and I think I'm going to take my xbox and attempt to flush it down the toilet even though I know it will not fit can you please help me put on a filter so that I may play a map where I can actually average 3 chickens a hour.