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  1. “The Premium Survivor Pass and Level Up tickets are now purchasable with G-Coin.” I can’t find the wild card premium pass available for purchase anywhere, even though it says it’s available in the most recent forum post . I’ve checked in the Microsoft store & in-game store and nothing.
  2. Thanks PUBG_Andymh5! Didn’t expect a response this quickly! I appreciate the entire teams dedication to bring console players a better PUBG!
  3. In your DEV update, there was a video showing the loading building optimization. That’s great, but it was never specified what hardware was used. OG XBOX? Xbox S? Xbox X? Using a SSD? I’m currently running Xbox X with SSD. My buildings are loaded when I hit the ground. Previous to buying a SSD that wasn’t the case. So just curious as to what was being used in the video to showcase the optimization. Thanks
  4. It’s not an update.... it’s a hotfix.... it wasn’t done a couple of weeks ago. It was done last night. If you can do better apply for a position. Otherwise enjoy the game while it’s here. Or not
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