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  1. Nice, hey, I got a really cool for you then, it's called Apex, probably never heard of it, give it a try
  2. Scp900

    New client for xbox one X

    Amen to that
  3. Scp900

    New client for xbox one X

    That's the stupidest thing ever
  4. Scp900

    Network Lag only at certain times?

    I play on a 5g wifi connection, but the other online games dont lag for me.
  5. Who would win: $75 phone designed for making phone calls and texting One boxy boi
  6. Microsoft's policy is no refunds, all purchases are final. If you dont like the game dont play it, easy as that. I dont like certain foods, and I dont eat them? So why do you play this game when you dont like it?
  7. Hi there, for the past week or so, I've been hopping on PUBG on the PS4 in the morning before school. This time can vary but is mostly around 6:00AM - 7:00AM, EST, Monday-Friday During this time, I get long queues which can be expected since it's early and a week day, most players have school or work. But only during this time, I get a lot of Network Lag Detected pop ups and it makes the game unplayable, it can last anywhere from only a few seconds up to the entire game. This is strange due to the fact it only happens during this time frame and on week days, on weekends it's fine. I know there might be a chance it's my side, but I'm able to play other online games, *Such as Black Ops 4, RDR2, etc.*, without any lag. Can they maybe check and see if there are any issues that occur when there is a low player count on the server side?
  8. Scp900

    PS4 Exclusive Collaboration Skins

    A chicken that is a level 3 helmet, it has eye holes, a dead one I mean.
  9. Find that hard, the game is region locked and the only way to get into Europe servers is if it's your best connection
  10. Honestly, it doesn't matter what much you get, as long as you can hear sound good and can tell the direction, my local store where I can my head phones let's you test any pair you want with their gaming setups
  11. Scp900

    Option to lock doors?

    Good idea, add the ability to shoot locks and losing the ability to close the door
  12. Graphics are already turned as low as possible, there is just poor game optimization and more research about optimization is needed before more updates can be pushed out
  13. Scp900

    Main server location?

    With the desync, I have my money on the moon maybe Saturn if were lucky.
  14. Scp900

    Apex Vs PUBG??!!!

    Hey listen, if you dont like the game, dont play it or post on their forums, thank you.