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  1. Iowa

    Salute to Andy

    Love this post @PUBG_Andymh5 does deserve the positive spotlight he does an awesome job 😀👌🙏
  2. Iowa

    Important Info for all players

    Nice one I thought as much I just didn’t wanna assume just in case I was being dumb and missing summin lol thanks for the response 😀
  3. Iowa

    Important Info for all players

    Are we talking about the forward running sensitivity? Coz I can’t see forward movement sensitivity I’m probably being dumb but if you could clarify please lol
  4. I just read a different post the Andy had responded to about the same thing I was talking about guess I should have checked before posting lol thread needs closing
  5. Hi, just wondering of if the frame rate priority setting on the one x is actually changing the resolution because my tv auto detects the resolution so if I start something in hd it changes as opposed to 4K so when I start pubg it has had in the corner the 4K resolution (3840 × 2160) but when I change the “resolution “ in game my TVs resolution stays the same?!? So if it’s not actually changing the output resolution what is it changing ? Because surely it’ll still be using the same resources because the actual resolution has not changed?!? Or am I confused?
  6. Congrats dude nothing better than being the last one standing out of 100!!!! I’ve only got one dinner 7 kills erangal get few kills most games and got a few duo and squad dinners but only one solo so far 😀🙌
  7. Iowa

    Where/How do I purchase G-Coins?

    If I remember correctly if u just click on what u want it’ll pop up sayibf you have no g coin would you like to buy some then just follow the onscreen prompts
  8. That is true tho I was just surprised I got that far and I made a choice to keep an eye on that guy I knew where both of them was but could only watch one lol
  9. Yeah worst part about it is I had a better weapon for range but I panicked Pmsl the final circles are nerve racking lol
  10. Mine is LandwardClown and I’m in eu
  11. I do have a mic yes I also have a regular duo partner as well but always looking for more people to play with, quite happy running 3 man squad if his on or duo if his not what region u in?
  12. As sad as it sounds this was my most number of kills in a game and was my best solo dinner 🥘 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/landwardclown/video/66156420
  13. Iowa

    Pubg Lore

    Are u gonna enlighten us as to what it is you have discovered/made up