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  1. So going out on a limb here, and without naming names, the companies that sell anti recoil and auto aim and esp scripts that come with a usb dongle, is it possible for bluehole/pubg corp to sue them or something along those lines? Would really like to hear if its possible and more so would really like to see those cheat enabler's get what they deserve for profiting off of something so low and dirty.
  2. Fred penner9

    Spammed me with game invites after I killed him

    Just curious, how would a random know it was you specifically in bootcamp with him, in the same game, out of the possible 1000's of players? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Were you streaming or something?
  3. Fred penner9

    Asia/SA Playing in NA Servers

    Yeah i wish it would happen as well, im on the west coast right on the can/us border and its total crap unfortunately, i dont understand why they only use the ohio server, must be cost related. Does anybody actually know how many and where the servers are located? Im sure its come up before but dont feel like using the crappy search feature!
  4. Fred penner9

    Asia/SA Playing in NA Servers

    Im sure you do, now combine that with the ability to soak up bullets without taking damage on your end and our character models being portayed 1-3 seconds slower than it actually is on our end it really ruins the fun for us. Due to auto region select i know its not your fault but it sucks regardless.
  5. Fred penner9

    My first time encountering THIS kind of player

    Wish i had that kind of hit reg!!!!!! This had to have been previous to vikendi update? Even back then my hit reg wasnt "that" good!
  6. Fred penner9

    ADS (again)

    Id just settle for anything other than a tap! Ive become very careful but find it still gets me once in a while. Yesterday i was cooking a grenade for a driveby and just served myself up for a duo camping on the bridge near castle!! 🤣 I bet they laughed like hell! Especially when my grenade landed with me and stole their easy kill!
  7. Fred penner9

    Asia/SA Playing in NA Servers

    9/10 deaths when i check the guys profile of who killed me, its a player from SA, very easy to tell when in there game clips, there is pubg clips in some woogity boogity language, and then fifa. Auto region select might be working as intended but im still all in for ping locked lobbies, over 100ms ping?, gtfo here.
  8. Fred penner9

    ADS (again)

  9. Fred penner9

    ADS (again)

    You can choose toggle, hold option for leaning and if you customize your controls so ads and ots are seperate buttons you can set either to toggle or hold as well, but as far as reloading (R), it is a different button than interact (F), so you dont need to hold to reload. The one that bugs me (on xbox) is to reload you need to hold X forever, yet to jump out of a vehicle, the slightest tap on one of the back buttons on my elite controller sends me to my death! Wasnt an issue before i got an elite but now its a slight inconvenience! As far as OP's question, it is the exact same on pc, and on both has gotten me killed countless times! Especially on miramar, step off a 1" ledge and go full potato because it cancels out ads or ots aiming. It would be okay if when you jumped it canceled it but falling and eneven ground imo shouldn't cancel it.
  10. Fred penner9

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    No offence henery, but F_%# that, we dont want you guys lagging on our servers anymore than you really want to lag around on them. Heres a better "fix" idea; listen to the community and fix the actual issues, such as desync, fps, and rendering, and then maybe just maybe the diehard fans that have stuck by you this whole time might refer this game to there friends again instead of laughily saying "ya, haha, no its still trash, dont buy it". Then everyone wins, we all get decent gameplay, eu gets a chance at growing a large enough playerbase that they dont get shoved into other peoples lobbies to ruin their experience and you guys make money. I would be damn well embarrassed to try to talk anybody into buying a copy of this mess, even in the hopes of that money going towards much needed improvements.
  11. Fred penner9

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    Cool bro!!, can i come over and play on your system then🤔, cause since vikendi update, this game has ran like hot garbage.
  12. Fred penner9

    My favorite complaints on this board

    The only reason it runs like 💩 on the x is because og and s users cried it wasnt fair............ if they (bluehole) could work on this game strictly for one x consoles, well we would probly have our 60fps by now. Either way, your right, and unfortunately i have a $500 paper weight and have reverted to playing on my og for months now cause it runs pubg better😔 PATHETIC
  13. Wired xbox 1x, 60mbps down, 17mbps up, anytime i drive or ride as a passenger on vikendi, Solos, duos or squads. Either fully fall through or this: https://xboxclips.com/scooter2shoes/6278e614-d9f0-4775-a343-e24adc5b5068 Really enjoying looting for ten minutes, getting nice and geared up just for this crap! Bad enough dying due to your shite servers and matchmaking, kinda refreshing to die to some new bs! 🤣
  14. Fred penner9

    Drowning damage is slightly broken

    Like this? https://xboxclips.com/scooter2shoes/419c51c2-5885-49c0-adc9-18baa9b7a5f9
  15. Fred penner9


    I agree the ridges are nice, when they are there! I generally find the last 3 circles im having to run clear across wide open bare land, no rocks, ridges, trees, or cover of anykind! I know its just shit luck of the circle, but good cover can definitely be few and far between in alot of areas of miramar.