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  1. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/naturlbrnklr/video/76029846
  2. It counts as both a teamkill and a suicide since technically you are on your team So not you teamkill counts is teamkills - suicides = other teammates you killed. Using my duos as an example I have 8 team kills and 5 suicides, so I have killed 3 teammates
  3. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/houseofplus/video/72469270 Had a red dot, then when I tried to ADS everything disappeared
  4. Getting shot through a wall that has rendered for me but not someone else. The secret cave in Vikendi allowing OG Xbox players to get level 3 gear immediately while I would have to find a car to get in...
  5. I started keeping track for the last 1000 or so points on my way to 6k, I was averaging about 8 SP a game and would say probably average 2-3 kills a game and 20's place over those games. Assuming you have a similar pace you are ~25 games away so no...….but that also assumes we are of similar skill level. If you are better then me it will be quicker and slower if worse IIRC a ~10 kill dinner would net 15-20 points and dying off the rip would get like 1-3 depending on how many people died prior. Using that logic it might be faster....but WAY less fun to constantly hot drop and die. I did not take this approach to test.
  6. Personally I think the Halo system would work best here. If you TK x amount of times in y amount of time the victim gets a choice, the timing adjusts for your prior history. If victim chooses instaban for z amount of time with the time increasing on each instance. The side effect is you just get different trolls, for example in a random duo yesterday my 'partner' decided to just run the entire game driving beside me and honking the horn. Shot the tires out and now he's just shooting his pistol in the air behind me. If it was Erangel or Miramar I would have grabbed a car and drove away, shooting tires if there is another vechile near by but it was Sanhok so after a few verbal warnings down he goes. Or there was the guy that would shoot me until I had very low life and if I healed would do the same....down he went. In a game where you either hot drop or spend the first 10 minutes looting, I am not letting a griefer waste my 10 minute loot time for me to start all over.
  7. I started keeping track around 5500 or so out of curiosity and I was averaging about 7 SP a game. Generally get a kill or two and I think my average finish for the season is in the 20's, which probably holds true for the last week. https://www.pubganalyzer.com/?player=NaturlBrnKlr&amp;shard=xbox&amp;mode=solo <- this site is neat.
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