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  1. The PC community is larger than the XBOX community and when map selection was a thing it basically made the game Erangel and Sanhok which in turn helps to shrink the community for the people that do not want to play those maps. The community will naturally shrink over time, keeping the most people interested the longest makes the most profit. For example, you complain about Miramar and have to quit out....is it enough for you to quit the game, nope. If someone else had to play nothing but Sanhok they probably would. 2 somewhat satisfied customers are better than 1 very satisfied customer.
  2. People shoot at me in all those situations....thusly bullets are OP!
  3. another crash https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/naturlbrnklr/video/76698182
  4. It just makes the game more like Call of Duty to me, everyone gets their preferred loadout fairly quick and since everyone now has a sniper there is a higher importance on crates. 7.62 used to be a commodity, now its easy to find. Some of the more tense games I had was in the final 5 and I had like 1 or 2 clips of ammo left for the Beryl, had a game where I ran out of ammo and had to smoke and try (failed) to melee the other guy 1v1. Those moments, to me, were more enjoyable then just steamrolling people and not having a care in the world about ammo just shoot as much as I want and everything will be fine. With that said, my win ratio is way up since this boost in snipers
  5. Last solo got 2/3 of the top 10's counted then it stopped. I just rolled a new mission instead
  6. I wonder how many reports it takes though...1 is clearly not enough. I encountered teamers for the first time in a LONG time last week, reports have a video of me killing both of them along with screenshots from PUBGLookup to show they have been in the same games the last 20 times, check again today still nothing... I am sure these two accounts I reported for teaming last week just HAPPEN to play in games at the exact same time on the exact same maps.....right? Edit: I will still report so that I do not suffer from bystander syndrome, but I feel like I am reporting into nothing
  7. I think this is just a canned text that is used. I sent it a report two days ago for obvious teamers, they just happened to be in the exact same solo game the last ~15 games they played together...what are the odds Still noticed them playing together today.....and the canned text missed a character on one of the two.... They also suggested I use the in game report, which you know I can't because I killed them both. There is a reason why people hate feeling like they are dealing with a robot with automated responses and it is because frankly it feels like I wasted a few minutes of time doing the submission.
  8. I see your one, and raise to 2. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/naturlbrnklr/video/64077353
  9. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/naturlbrnklr/video/76029846
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