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  1. Migwar

    FPP idea....

    I think for me the difference is, if I wanna play cod or apex or whatever, I have to accept the limitations of the first person view, as that's all that's available.. In pubg I'm not. I can play in third person, as it was originally intended..
  2. Migwar

    I found this post (PUBG REVENUE)

    So, if consoles are only making up around 6.5% of their total revenue, it makes sense that they would devote less resources to it.. hence why we only get recoded versions of pc updates
  3. Migwar

    Map Select Option Please!

    Right ok, yeah I agree. The split as it was before, with vikendi added to mini seems the best compromise
  4. Migwar

    Map Select Option Please!

    Actually.. what has been said is that map selection is being looked into and that they are working on a solution.. I would be very surprised if there isn't a change soon.. even if its not 100% what people are asking for
  5. Migwar

    Quck join map rotation

    Ok, fair point, well made.. However, u have the option to select the other 3 maps, and never get vikendi.. and that should have no bias caused by map selection. So... If u don't wanna play vikendi, don't go quick join 😊
  6. Migwar

    Small patch this morning?

    Yes, so it seems the best places to get info are in fact Reddit and Twitter.. not the forums
  7. Migwar

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    You know what, I say that, but I just went and checked the 3 gamertags I reported.. one has no recent matches.. the other 2 played a week ago, but based on their stats, they weren't teaming..
  8. Migwar

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    Or don't? These guys have been reported by half the forum as far as I can tell, and they're still playing.. I guess the guys who check the reports are ok with this in games
  9. Migwar

    Quck join map rotation

    But.. that doesn't apply here, as there is no map selection, no map is more favoured
  10. Migwar

    FPP vs. TPP: The Final Idea

    As was pointed out to me, when I made a similar suggestion, wait times actually accentuate the problem. People see wait times of X mins and will not queue up, thus making the wait times even higher.. round and round we go until the game mode is completely dead
  11. Migwar

    FPP vs. TPP: The Final Idea

    Maybe people don't play FPP on pubg cos it sucks?
  12. Can't believe u got penalty points for that very informative bug revealing post u made.. its pc gone mad!! Aside from that, the messaging system was restricted on here due to some abuse or something.. I forget the details, but yeah..
  13. Migwar

    Chicken or 10 Kills

    A win.. And I've never even had 10 kills in a single game, and I have had wins, but I will still take the win. That's the point of playing for me. Its an objective based game, the objective being to win. Kills are meaningless. 25 kills and second place is still a loss. Now, I admit, when I watch people stream BR games, I don't wanna watch people play like me. I watch aggressive play.. always pushing.. chasing gunshots etc And, as has been said, the beauty of the game is u can play any way u like for ur own personal satisfaction.. no need to hate on people who play differently
  14. Migwar

    Duplicate throwables glitch.

    So, can we safely assume that Reddit is in fact the place to go for official updates, and not here? That seems a reasonable conclusion, based on the evidence
  15. Migwar

    Map voting

    What did u mean to click?