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  1. Maybe they didn't want it to be movie goer friendly volume level bombs, maybe they wanted it to sound like real life blows your ear drums bomb level bombs? I'm not saying that is the reason, and it could easily be that it was badly implemented, but in a game that has a fairly raw feel to it, it never surprised me that the red zone was proper loud
  2. I did have a couple of games the night the update went live as well, so I have a solid frame of reference.. I'll be sure to post my findings somewhere
  3. Ok, so we know no one's doing 100 damage with a single shot from a beryl or a mutant, so something else is going on. Its likely that the information pubg lookup is getting from the game is saying that's what's happened. So, is it fair to assume there's an issue, server related, that's bunching all the shots up and making it seem as tho it was just one bullet causing all the damage. I mean, its also possible pubg lookup isnt processing the data accurately, and this is nothing to do with pubg. We can't assume its the game causing these anomalies
  4. Not implying anything. I was merely commenting on the influx of new accounts on the forum saying the game is bad.. which brings me to this: So, I stopped playing back in February, cos for me the game was unplayable.. absolute trash for sure. I played the PTS and was blown away. It was like night and day for me. Game ran great. Now, I haven't come back, cos I've been grinding out the apex battle pass, which honestly hasn't been fun, but I was intending to get some pubg games in this week, now that's ended. So, this recent news that the game has taken a step backwards (again) is sad to hear.. I'll still check it out tho
  5. I mean noob as a reference to the age of this account.. less than a day old, and the first thing you do is start a thread trashing the game. As I say, you're totally within your rights to do so, but its strangely common right now.. Case in point being this guy.. literally joined the forum 2 hours ago just to agree with you. I mean, that's fine, but its very convenient.. And I'm not saying either of you are wrong. But a thread like this from a newcomer to the forum holds a little less weight that someone like @ColonicBoom starting a thread about how the game feels "off" and posts a bunch of video evidence.. You could have joined in on that discussion, but no, you had to go all caps and go for the throat
  6. Why are we getting so many of these noob posters lately.. I mean, sure anyone can join and express themselves, but its like every day and its never been like this before!! Very odd
  7. Think this should clear up this teaming talk..
  8. Is it that they are more common, or have people just started to wise up to the power of them, and so they are used more often than before?
  9. Nearly everyone I know who's tried it has won their first game on mobile.. I guess its very forgiving to suck u in
  10. So, I'd just like to point out that there is an achievement for riding in a car with an enemy player.. thus, I find it incredibly unlikely any player would receive a ban for doing this exact thing.. And I appreciate we can all define teaming anyway we choose.. to me, teaming requires collusion to gain an advantage over a 3rd party.. giving a guy a ride does not qualify
  11. Time between circles on sanhok is dependent on number of players alive. Less players, less time between phases, increasing the pacing of the game. I'm pretty sure they don't implement that on all maps, as they want there to be different pacing. They want the maps to feel different. Plus, as said above, faster circles on larger maps would result in less time to loot and more deaths in the blue, I suspect. And a lot more unhappy players..
  12. I find it interesting that there are melee trades. Like you say, the game always picks a winner, regardless, as it does for explosions, so it can't be that gun trades were taken out to establish a winner..
  13. I was under the impression that there were no trades in pubg to avoid a draw ending.. could be wrong tho
  14. I think one person agreed, but I'm 99% sure he was just trolling. I think most people were just in disbelief that this thread even exists..
  15. Easy to say "this games not realistic" but try making a thread about respawns and see how people like that? 😂😂
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