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  1. Migwar

    Listen To The Community!

    Rumour has it that solos and duos are due to be added soon.. someone datamined the code and it contains information for both.. my guess is they only launched with squads to see if it would be popular first
  2. Migwar

    Compensators on SR

    So, even if u don't believe a comp would help on a bolt action, it certainly can't do any harm.. better than nothing
  3. Migwar


    Mate, u literally just posted this in another thread. Pop in a screenshot to back it up, and I'm sure someone will look into it.. no need for all caps sweary nonsense
  4. Migwar

    Daily missions reset..

    Fact is it's always gonna be inconvenient for someone. They picked an arbitrary time of midnight GMT, which seems like a pretty solid choice. It totally screws me over, but at the same time makes total sense to me.
  5. Migwar


    My and my buddy got wiped in duos by @PUBG_Andymh5 and his teammate.. I messaged him after and said I'd get him next time 😂
  6. Migwar

    So a new pubg 2.0

    You make a good point. Back when pubg and Fortnite were breaking records for sales and concurrent players and such, surely every games maker looked at that, and wanted a piece. But all the copies have been much more toward the Fortnite end, and nothing in the way of pubg clones. Is it the fact that the realistic graphics, the amount of players and size of the map, the sheer scale of what pubg is putting out, and the load it places on the hardware, just isn't possible to make run smoothly? And if that's the case, are bluehole just trying to fit square pegs into round holes? It kinda feels that way after the last year
  7. Migwar

    What would bring people back?

    Rendering... I don't even need to be able to land on the roof in a hot drop, I mean as it stands I'm dropping to remote locations with no buildings loaded in, and it's unplayable. I can accept the limitations of my hardware, but it literally doesn't load anything as it stands. And as said above, if I drive too fast, building phase out of existence, and then the road follows them. Fix that, and I can actually play. Then work on frames That's my opinion. Also, why not drop in a better map selection? They say it'll ruin our gaming experience, but I doubt people will be as frustrated as they are now..
  8. Migwar

    An Update: 7 days no play

    "Games that attempt to take pubgs place" Where is that exactly? I doubt any game maker wants to make anything that runs as badly as this crock. It's not the most popular. It's not the best. It has at its core an unrivalled battle royale experience, I'll give u that, but it doesn't deliver. It feels more like something which had it's time, and now it's passed, unable to live up to the hype.
  9. Migwar

    Next Update?

    So I came up with an analogy at work earlier. It's probably long, and likely no bugger will read it, but here goes. A new car is released. It's a great car, really top notch, and around half the price of other cars on the market. Sadly, the car has one issue. It crashes. Literally loses grip, often when it first sets off, and crashes. The car manufacturers try to fix it, but they make slow progress. Sometimes it gets better, but other times it gets worse. Damn. Then, some bright spark makes a suggestion. If u buy new tyres for the car, it works much better. Problem solved. Or is it? Cos the tyres cost more than the car did in the first place!! And is it really up to the driver to fix the cars issues? Not really.. but the manufacturer can't fix it, and it's either this, learn to deal with the crashes or leave it in the driveway, hoping for a fix one day. The choice is yours...
  10. Migwar


    It says something that in this day and age the smart marketing was to release the product with no hype whatsoever. Most games today get released in an early access form, and then get developed as people play. They chose to fully develop to a polished product that they had absolutely no idea anyone would play, and just launch it. I knew nothing about it until 48 hours before it released. And most of my friends hadn't even heard about it until it was actually available. It was obviously well planned with streamers lined up to play, a trailer all ready to go, a tournament all set to start.. Very clever imo
  11. Migwar

    Played around 8 hours a day until...

    You're correct, it's not even close to the same experience.. There's no gamebreaking bugs, no falling thru the map, no rendering issues, no desync and it looks glorious. It's not frustrating to play, it's actually fun! Oh, and it doesn't cost a bloody penny
  12. I agree about the respawning ability in apex. Last night me and my buddy were playing, and our random 3rd got toasted as soon as we landed. Being able to get him back, he was able to carry on, and didn't have to leave and start a fresh game. And we were still full strength. It's a refreshing change.
  13. There is no aim assist.. just for the record
  14. I wouldn't say I'm leaving pubg for apex, but I've only played apex this week, and don't see that changing.. Of course pubg is a better game, but it sure doesn't play better.. the issues with pubg grow tiresome.. apex is fun at the moment.. how long that will continue, who knows
  15. Migwar

    PUBG falling behind?

    I also think the respawn element of apex is quite refreshing.. encourages teammates to stay and spectate. The gun play is no where near as satisfying as pubg, but then, nothing is. It feels like borderlands, and amazingly, like Titanfall.. I'm a big fan of the class based system, but I do agree, the ultimate abilities seem strange. As was said, in overwatch, or league of legends, it's ok to wipe the opposing team as they all respawn. This is a hard wipe. Slightly unbalanced.