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  1. HideandSeek

    You tell me

    If you know how to control the recoil on ARs then you should not lose a distance fight to a smg. I never use smgs after the first 5 minutes and do more than fine against them in just about any combat further than 20 or so meters
  2. HideandSeek

    What happened to this game?

    Georgopool and polyana are the only 2 places i drop in erangel and I always leave kitted out
  3. HideandSeek

    New kill record! What’s yours?

    19 on erangel
  4. HideandSeek

    Private forum-member only match/tourney?

    25 teams is too much for a tournament leaves too much luck when you drop. 16-18 teams like pc would be ideal. And I would wait until you can adjust the settings similar to pc custom games for the ARs and car spawns. And the circle timers
  5. HideandSeek

    Update #3 incoming tonight!

    Do you copy and paste your replies in each thread?
  6. HideandSeek

    Sooooooo Annoyed

    Did you care to read the post? You can still do missions
  7. HideandSeek

    Dream Team

    GT: Hid3andsEEk TPP squad kd 2.97 Win percentage 19.** Top 10 percentange 57.** Really aggressive player Normally play between 4pm-10pm eastern time
  8. HideandSeek

    Favourite drops

    Ruins, bootcamp, or paradise in sqauds and duos are the only 3 places we drop