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  1. what about if it randomly spawned in one of those garage houses like in the pic anywhere on the map, just one of them tho just to make it that more rare. Wouldnt be able to see it from the air till you hit the ground. I do think they needed a lil more armor to actually make people really go for them with the flare, the fact you can get shot out of it and still have the tires shot out just didnt make it all that great to me, so a random spawn i would think wouldnt be to bad.
  2. yeah i run a OG and went cave a few days ago in squads and it seemed to render normally, i was just suggesting erangal because of the changes coming with the updated version. What about using an already existing entrance like maybe that underground bunker entrance by pochinki thats still closed off? Or i seen a video about a closed entrance to a cave by prison somewhere i think by the house on the hill that has train tracks on the other side that dont lead to anywhere, havent went prison in awhile but might look tonight to see if its on the origianl version of the map.
  3. Yeah i havent seen it happen lately, but maybe if it was toned down some from the vikendi cave, it wouldnt have to be as big, maybe less weapon spawns or maybe none at all, just the uaz then take it to loot where you want with added protection to get there now lol
  4. Been watching the videos about the new flare gun vehicle (BRDM-2) and cant wait to try it out, but had a thought whats ganna happen to the armored uaz? Had a idea that i thought would cool with the new erangel map. From the lore ive been hearing about it seems like there was some kind of government/communist thing and possibly a rebel group that tried to overthrow them, or maybe they did idk yet lol was thinking they should add it in like the loot cave in vikendi with a special way to access it, maybe make it look like the rebels made it?
  5. Ive had it on both original og xbox controller that was bought used so I could see the stick drift on that one, but for Christmas my GF bought me the pubg edition controller and it still happens on that one about once or twice a month, happend to me last night playing. Never really tried testing to see why it happens just got used to it but going to start keeping track of when it does, but tapping the right stick always fixes the problem
  6. It happens to me once in a while, what works for me is instead of cycling through with the d-pad use the joy stick and it goes back to normal after that
  7. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pyr0kid993/video/75936243 landed random spot in miramar, they landed warehouse so we went long house building and didnt get much for loot. Guy in the buggy i didnt notice knocked him self I'm guessing from jumping out at speed. It wasent for the win but im still happy getting a pan fight
  8. I wanna see who all has had that moment where you should have died but came out swinging and came out on top, heres my best 2 that I have. First one hot droped hacienda with a buddy people everywhere couldnt find a gun..https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pyr0kid993/video/74910859.. Second droped military base with my og xbox no SSD was skipping across the roof and couldnt pick up a gun right away but the other guy could! https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pyr0kid993/video/74910968
  9. Found a old clip back from 2/25/18 of it happening to me, at about 1:10 left i get cliped and for about 2 seconds it looked like no health at all not even a sliver. And if you watch till the end you get to see my great potato skill 😂, was still learning this game https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pyr0kid993/video/74900919
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