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  1. I Never posted on the forum before but ran into the same people i think your talking about, red shirts blackish pants? Circle closed on military base and i grabbed a uaz and made a run for death bridge (me and my squad call it lol) and seen a huge road black, well went in looking to take the bridge camper on my way across and seen one come out behind the block so stoped up against there blockade to only be killed instanly by 3 of them, kept spectating and seen at least 6 of them from what i could tell all wearing red shirts and about the same outfit set up, i have it all clipped and want to report the rest of them tonight when i can go through the clips to get all the GTs. Never seen more then 2 teamers before so never bothered me to much just looked at it like 1 man duo game so more of a challenge/practice lol but when there's 6 or more and they all are coordinated enough to have matching outfits and are still currently playing something more needs to be done then a temp ban, edit they also had GTs that had some kind of teaming something in it, noticed the others from kill feed while spectating