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  1. ^^^This. That said, moments like you've all described help make the memories in this game. (and a lot of Youtube videos)
  2. I think the problem lies more with ownership rights. Both sides are evidently not agreeing. (Microsoft & Sony)
  3. If it were to go, I'd say more like flare gun rarity.
  4. No disrespect intended and I do understand your frustrations. But really, that was a moan. lol
  5. Did they remove the care packages from the cave? Think they did on PC.
  6. Getting worse implies that I was better at some point. Potato aim forever.
  7. Even if someone jumped, cut their parachute immediately, they still couldn't fall to the ground that quick. I believe it showed a punch death, so I'm confused.
  8. I honestly don't know. I will be interested to hear any explanations though. Very strange.
  9. Normally, no. But there have been exceptions.
  10. Can you imagine the complaints if they made Mirimar the featured map? That would be evil. (for the record, I like Mirimar)
  11. Agreed. I was in the store a bit ago and it was a slide show. Seriously less than what appeared to be 2 fps. Commands take seconds to execute, if at all. All item pictures load in at about 60 seconds, if at all. So far though, the rest of the update is pretty good for me. No other issues atm.
  12. Eh, I just basically said what you said, only in a different way and a bit more specific.
  13. Did you check in the store, in the 'my items' category? A lot of stuff hides there. It got me a couple times, too.
  14. I'm a horrible aim, so I lose a lot of fights. That said, I also have noted a recent increase in overall player skill. Especially at shooting me. My son in law and I play a bit and I am starting to feel like the bait for him to draw enemies out.
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