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  1. My 2 cents: First rebalance was still too low. This second rebalance is too high. Third rebalance should point in the middle of previous rebalances.
  2. Hulec

    New player experience

    Imagine that people play this game for 2 years. Even the bad ones had time to evolve. Now take in mind that experience helps even with map knowledge, if you know where usualy people are then oyu focus that spot. Another thing is graphics. While you think you are safe and noone can see you, certain graphic settings makes you visible, like foliage. You mentioned asian servers, and a lot of people will say "cheats" and they will be probably correct.
  3. Player get killed, helmet have 7hp left.
  4. Hulec

    Which way is better ?

    The best way to learn is to play with and against better players than you are. Its also the most painfull way, but if it would be easy everyone would be pro,right?
  5. Happening a lot in last 2-3 days. When playing with friends, I see my tickbox is ready, i see cancel button, but I am not queued at all. I have to restart lobby to get it working again.
  6. Hulec

    Serious matchmaking issues

    I know there is still this long lasting bug with queue that if you change from one mode/map to another, you have to queue, cancel and requeue or it takes too long to find a match. This bug exists, and i think its the same why you can see message "another party in progress" when you are trying to swap to different map or mode.
  7. Hulec


    I know I should not say this, but many people use it: equalizer.
  8. Hulec

    Would you play PUBG for money?

    I play the game because I like it and its fun. ANd you want to pay me for it? Hell yeah because I woul play it either way.
  9. Hulec

    Inventory Macro

    I dont think its macro, rather jsut some weird key bindings. For a macro, this would be seriously slow. And also he is halving everything, more of a special settigns to anny people.
  10. I guess its his statistics but it calculats by last 100 000 matches overall. Thus if you play just one match in a day you will get low stats.
  11. Hulec

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    I probably read the dev letter wrong, when or how will it be impelemented? Will it go to test server now? Or live? Or is it just a plan for future?
  12. You dont have just 2 guns in the game. And only few attachements. Also on different guns, attachements work differently. This would actually make it more annoying to swap guns from diferent tiers(AR,DMR,SR,SMG). In the end, people would go to inventory,drop weapon and then drag new one. Instead of just dragging new one in the first palce.
  13. Hulec


    @RobbieP you can distinguis macro from spray. Macro is just really fast clicking, not holding like spray. And to control the recoil by macro there is longer and longer pause between shots by how much shots were fired. For example, between 15 and 16 shot there is longer delay than between 2 and 3 shot. Spray dont have this delay between shots. And this is just one of the hints to identify cheaper norecoil macro in the game. And I found out that a lot of people is using these cheaper macros. Normally I meet at least 2 macro users in every game. And I dont count people i cannot follow in spectate or replay, so there must be more people with it.
  14. Hulec

    PUBG vs APEX

    wait whatr? Apex have worse desync than PUBG. Cheaters are everywhere, even streamers thought they wont be caught cheating in Apex. And one map mode? What the hell? I can play all 4 maps with no issues.
  15. @D3adc4 You dont care what grip I use on my weapons yet you want me to make extra clicks and mvoements so you will be a bit faster when looting. Ok. I seen people with so many difefrent loot that your thinking is wrong. I even seen a guy without ammo but with 60 bandages. Or a guy with all the AR quickdraws he could find, yet no extended. PUBG is not a shooter game, that is where you are wrong. It is survival game with shooter elements. If you would be correct, than there is no need for looting at all, just give everyone same gun and make it arena play. Yes it is small QAoL thing, but for you. Not everyone would want it. Yes it would made survival game a bit easier and faster but why,because someone killed you looting? Again,its not shooter its survival.