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  1. Hulec

    Enough is Enough

    @MDK2000 it depends. In some situations, mostly on Erangel but I seen it on Miramar too, if you dont drop big cities you can find really bad loot. For example that compound east from Rozhok, its 7 buildings and a garage. I really seen just shotguns and pistols only there. And the loot was much better weeks ago. But I agree that, most the time, leaving a city gives you at least one AR and several SMGs. ps. yesterday on Miramar, we dropped Los leones and that police building. There was no gun on top 2 floors. No single weapon, jsut 2 grenades. In police building that was packed with loot before Vikendi was released.
  2. But what about those that have potato PC and can get only 10FPS? Lock to 10FPS seems more fair than 60FPS. Wait there are people that cannot play the game because it don't work on Win Xp. So just make the game not work on any OS and we are done here right? The thing is that locking anything because you wont buy new PC or new screen is just blatantly wrong.
  3. Windows update updated my sound blaster driver so it reseted all the settings to defaul. Meaning ym stereo headphones were in 5.1 mode. Changing it back to stereo in the driver worked for me.
  4. Also what keeping me in pubg? I dont want run and gun playstyle. I like to get upper hand over my enemy by outflanking him or just being smart. I dont like games where the one who can hold aim on enemy longer wins. I like games where you have to think. Games where position matters. Whoever saying there is no skill in pubg should watch choco or break and se ehow they are leaning for example. I am far far away to be able to lean like that. And thats why he have better skill to kill me. PUBG can and should improve. In GUI and stuff like that. The biggest bug for me is the lobby right now. Sometimes i see I am marked for game but Start button cannot be pressed until i restart lobby. That is the biggest bug i found in last 3 weeks. Lags,desync thats all about enemy connection or my conenction not the game at all.
  5. You sure about that? Youtube is beging to be filled with apex wallhack and aimbot videos. The more a game is popular=the more cheats and hacks appear. And Apex is on the rise now so it will became cheater infested very very fast.
  6. Wanna play slow? = erangel and miramar Wanna play fast? = Sanhok Wanna play chaotic? = Vikendi
  7. Hulec

    D-sync is back?

    Its not about d-sync. D-sync is mostly non existent. What you are experiencing is high ping players. There are few options to get high ping and few benefits. 1) you are mostly invulnerable if you know how to play with high ping thus 1a)people fake high pings with VPNs or even cheat software And also those low tiers cheaters try to change region because in their region their cheats are weak so only option is to play elsewhere.
  8. Hulec

    How is it possible?

    @VENEEL but desync is everywhere. Its just much more visible on tactical shooter where every step and peak counts. The way BO and Apex deal with desync is just that fancy movement. OYu just dont have the option to see desync but its there.
  9. Hulec

    Show damage after every hit

    I don't want this, but seeing the mission to "deal 300 damage and take 300 damage" makes me think that at elast until the season is donethe damage should be known. Its like the mission shoot 300 rounds from UZI but take away round numbers and just guess and count. That would be silly right?
  10. That 50m/100m zero is suspicious. If the guns are zeroed to 100m shouldn't the third hit go up that directly to the mark?
  11. Can't be applicable to all the shots. The height difference between muzzle and crosshair is not so big to explain where bullets went at 2:30 or 0:22. Also at 2:30 you can see that bullets hit the spot he was aiming on, just there was a head. With your explanaition, that ground should be 100m away if the shots hit the spot he was aiming on. 3:05 as you can see the difference for that range is about half the head of the guy. That is actually hit at the bottom side of the holo, actually under the little notch. So hits at 3:06 should hit the shoulder. Or at 3:13 where he actually moves the aim i bit higher (away from shoulder and neck) but this time he hits. Of course this video is trying to make issue where it is not, but there are some valid shots that should land even with muzzle<->sight height difference.
  12. Because no-recoil macro users plague this game and its more frustrating on miramar with its big open space with less cover. I have seen few players spray with AK with 6x but when i see every bullet hits my head at 200m i don't think its normal. Its not about vertical but mostly horizontal recoil.
  13. Hulec

    Need a moral boost!

    Having 200ms ping is much better that playing against someone with 200ms ping.
  14. Hulec


    Yeah this is normal, you can see enemy had no helmet and that spray was not exactly controlled, it went all around the enemy just got lucky to hit head with 2 bullets. Thats easy with the Vector that can spit 13 bullets in a matter of second.
  15. What is wrong with Niger_citizen_1 ? Thats their top dog,el presidente. The thing is that people gets offended today by anything. On Twitch you cant even say you are from Niger, as twitch will auto ban you. Another example is "newego" it have N, it have E, it have G, it have O, it just dont have R. That means that its just cleverly hidden racism right? Also how can you say that B (black) word? You meant people of color right? Jeez anything will offend you if you want to be offended.