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  1. Daniel2118

    Seeing Through Walls [FP]

    Whenever I first land and the building haven’t rendered in yet I can run through walls and see people in the building as well as where the weapons/loot are. Gives the other players a disadvantage but what else am I supposed to do wait outside and wait to be killed?
  2. Daniel2118

    Audio bug

    Sometimes when the plane is coming in to let us be dropped there is no audio until I jump out of the plane.
  3. Daniel2118

    Bullet registry Damage is way off.

    Same thing with a shotgun. If I shoot you twice with a shotgun and you shoot me a few times with a pistol and I’m the one who died there is a problem
  4. Daniel2118

    Servers too busy

    Could you guys try going to another region? Maybe that would help