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  1. So, currently sat watching two twats teaming in Solos. How do I report them? I have enough clips for there to be no doubt what is going on.
  2. I’m getting very excited about the 45 frames per second they’ll hopefully be able to pump out on the new Xbox Scarlett arriving in 2020.
  3. The devs should focus on adding some new clothes. A bikini & thong set should do it. /s
  4. I would prefer an “easy” mode with maybe half the damage so more time to react to incoming fire and more drawn out close quarters combat, and perhaps a little bit of aim assist and/or larger hit areas. Perhaps tied to a ranking system, so the more of a potato the player is the more forgiving the game is.
  5. There is nothing wrong with the 1x hardware as evidenced by games like RDR2. The problem most likely lies with the fact the game is a shittily-implemented PC port running on a not-so-new games engine written by their direct competitor. If, in an alternative universe Bungee or Rockstar wrote PUBG, it would be the dogs bollocks, especially on a 1X.
  6. If PUBG had understood this and added ranking so even potatoes (like me) could now and then win with a bunch of kills, things would be very different now. Most players don’t get that rush often enough, and I believe it’s that more than rendering issues, lag and all that other crap that’s killing this game.
  7. You’re right. The gulf between good and casual players is huge, and probably accounts for a large proportion of the player-base unfortunately abandoning PUBG for less punishing alternatives.
  8. I think the stats would disagree with you. Most people can’t win. Getting a dinner is a great achievement no matter how one gets it.
  9. I just don’t understand how the graphics on PUBG can be so very, very mediocre at the same time as other games can do the same kind of thing so well. RDR2 is absolutely beautiful. Hi-res, smooth as butter. Far Cry: smooth. GTA: smooth. Even older games like Watch Dogs 1: open world, fast motion, smooth graphics. What is so hard about making PUBG slick? Is it built on a shitty game engine? Is the engine capable but the developers don’t know how to make it sing? Is it the complexity of having so many players in the one game session? If so, how do the other NR games manage to look and feel so much better? it would be nice to have some honest answers.
  10. I prefer FPP - the games feel more intense - so although I play TPP most of the time just to get games I switch back and forth between FPP and TPP during those games.
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