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  1. KombatWombat

    Fix the mechanics in this game.

    The inability of the game to queue up controller inputs, for example recognising the fire trigger is already pulled at the end of a switch weapon animation, sets this game apart from EVERY shooter written for XBox. This game would have been so much better if right from the start they had handed the whole thing over to some experienced console-based game developers and said “Use these maps and assets to remake PUBG for Xbox”. If it had turned out as slick as Destiny, Halo, etc it would have been one of the best games ever IMO. But hey, on the bright side it is really great that random weapons I pick up just happen to be skinned in some pretty colours I paid for...
  2. KombatWombat

    Backpack & helmet skins

    Skins on anything you pick up randomly in the game just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Fair enough you can have a customised canopy and choose your clothes but having pick up-able stuff looking different to different players is just bastardising that idea to the point of stupidity. The standout for this game is its realism. And then they sully it with this shit just to create another revenue stream. Sad!!