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  1. I have mentioned this before but if they just added 2 extra windows you could have section for backpacks, armor, and health, one for ammo and sights, and the last for the guns they are carrying. This would limit the scrolling and the use of LT/RT could move theu those faster than going down one full section of loot.
  2. Buying an SSD doesn’t keep YOU from getting shot thru walls. The people that don’t have the SSD are the ones shooting thru the walls and running thru them on Miramar/Vikendi.
  3. After reading thru a lot of suggestions I have loaded Project Scarlet, Arcturus, OmniVox, and the Tournament II. Not sure which one I like the best yet but I just got mine a couple months ago as well. These are a good place to start.
  4. I got the Alphas over Christmas but had to return them. The sound was good but everyone in party chat had an echo coming from my mic. Never got it fixed so I returned them.
  5. I also do not have an answer for question 3 as I have an X with an SSD. My main issue is people in Picado and Vikendi shooting me thru walls or running through walls as they do not see them but I do.
  6. If they are not loud enough try using the Microsoft stereo adapter to plug into. I noticed if you use that instead of just into the controller the sound is a lot louder.
  7. Had the same issue all night last night. Thought it was my new headset until I tried my old one and it did the same thing.
  8. They changed it because it was requested on the forums. You can go look and find multiple forums wanting higher sensitivity. Plenty of people running max sensitivity and still felt slow to them. Everyone will just have to adjust.
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