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  1. quango2k


    Am I the only person to read this in a Borat voice?
  2. quango2k

    VSS needs a nerf!!! Change my mind

  3. quango2k

    Big problem

    Rubbish! Maybe the mobile version uses 2gb of ram. You can run it on 8gb, but need to shut down everything else before doing so. I had 8 gb and had similar issues, increased to 32gb and problems gone with an FPS increase, that was on a 1080ti. "Recommended RAM for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game will use between 6.5GB and 10GB of system RAM, depending on what graphics card you have, and the game settings.16GB of system RAM is recommended, although 8GB works if you close almost everything else while playing." Although I agree, SSD would most likely be the number 1 culprit.
  4. quango2k

    Big problem

    As above, 8GB of ram is too low, this is your main issue. 16gb of ram, an ssd or NVME drive will speed everything up 100%
  5. quango2k

    Customize the 4x scopes

    because the 3x is poo and should be removed. I wont pick it up...its up there with the winchester for me..id rather use fists in a gun fight.
  6. quango2k

    Customize the 4x scopes

    Remove all scopes....fixed
  7. quango2k

    Headshot misalignement

    ish. Depends how close. The bullet goes above line of sight and drops onto target at 100m Holdover is used in front and behind the zeroed range. http://www.rifleshootermag.com/editorial/ballistics-for-dummies/83897# Explains it quite well.
  8. quango2k

    Headshot misalignement

    You have absolutely no idea how guns work do you! Scopes are fitted above the boreline of a barrel and the scope is zeroed at an effective range. For instance, the centre of a x4 times scope is zeroed at 100 yards. so effectively the bullet trajectory goes up and then falls to zero at 100 yards. so, if you shoot within that range (aka 50 yards) if you use the centre of the reticle you will be hitting high so you need to compensate for it. There are some videos that explain how all scopes work and their effective ranges, and how to use holdover etc.
  9. quango2k

    You've GOT to love this game.

    Gotta be a lifetime ban for that guy right? Even thought he could have fallen through, he KNEW killing people when under there was wrong. He could have just quit the round. Ban him..
  10. quango2k

    Patch #25 Vikendi fake molotov sound

    same! yeah I get it every round on Vikendi now. Can hear them all the time. I think they have bugged the audio so that every time one goes off on the map, everyone can hear it slightly. Our entire squad could hear them last night.
  11. since patch#25 buildings don't render until you are close to the ground. Using a high end PC...not an xbox so this shouldnt be happening!
  12. quango2k

    A few new bugs

    1: I can hear mollys going off even though no one is anywhere near 2: Ultrawide lobby is gone again! this was fixed and broken again... 3: Hangs on exit, needed to kill it in TM. 4: Buildings on Vikendi do not render until very very close...Pretty poor experience. Didn't have any issues prior to the new patch. System is an i9-9900k, 32gb DDR4 3200, Z390 asus maximus, 2080ti founders.1
  13. quango2k

    New Random Noises ?

    yup, keep hearing mollys no matter where I am. Also, game hangs on exit and have to kill it in TM. Also, no ultrawide lobby....
  14. same problem, hangs and have to kill it in task manager. i9-9900k 32gb ram 2080ti Not my spec...bad coding ;)