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  1. erm, you were the one gloating about your regular wins (in your mind)
  2. Don't play with randoms and get some real friends. There you go...no more team killing! They could put a strike system in place. 3 strikes and you get a temp ban. So if you are team killed by a random, you can report them for it and they get a strike. If they repeat their actions they get a ban for 3 days (or whatever length of time) If they get 3 strikes within a 6 month period they get a 30 day ban. If they get 3x 30 day bans in the space of a year..permanent ban. Something along those lines.
  3. You are not the only one with incorrect sound settings or a poor audio setup. The game overall is crazy quiet, the base volume needs raising a lot. When I play any other game I have my audio at maybe 25%...for pugb, about 80%.
  4. I think you need to learn the difference between opinions and facts. It's not my opinion that the redzone provides cover etc...its a fact, I use it for cover, I use it for distractions. That's not an opinion is it? its fact. They don't cease to exist because you don't think they do or don't like them. You have an opinion that its useless, when they actually do have a use, there is no denying it, it was created for that exact reason. noun 1. a view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
  5. Fact - The red zone has an impact on game play! You say it adds nothing, so why are you so upset about its existence if that is the case? That noise you call a nuisance, is someone else's cover to get into position, or take a shot without being detected. I rarely take cover from it, as the odds are slim that you will be hit. I watch people scatter when it starts and then hunt them. I regularly run out of difficult situations during a red zone when others are running for cover. I regularly use the sound cover to get closer to enemies, or even into the same buildings as them. I use the sound to cover my own footsteps when backing out of a fight. You keep saying it has no purpose other than noise....which is a purpose! You just don't use the situation to your advantage.
  6. In what regard? they are facts, not fiction. You say it serves no purpose, when it does. This is not an opinion, its a fact.
  7. It doesn't make you take cover, you make that choice, risk it or get in cover. Some of the best firefights I have seen are because squads have been pushed into buildings and have to fight from windows etc. It adds a random dynamic to the game, something you cannot control. It can level the skill playing field of players in a flash. It can cover your gunfire and movements with the sound. It serves many purposes, whether or not you like them is irrelevant. I have literally never been bothered by it, and use it to my advantage. Hundreds and hundreds of rounds and been killed by it less than 5 times. If you have been killed by it more, then you should adapt your tactics.
  8. I like it, it does its job. Makes noise, pushes people to make on the fly decisions and adds a level of randomness and takes away a bit of control from the players. It works as intended.
  9. Ugh, you are one of them... There is spending 15mins looking for kit, and theres spending 1 minute and finding 5 sniper rifles! They have gone overboard. This is a br survival game, not COD.
  10. Nothing??? If it added nothing it wouldn't exist and wouldn't be a problem. It can change a firefight, push people into buildings and covers approaches with the sound. Why don't you just say "I blew me up once and that's not fair" Lol...adds nothing! Give me a break. Anyway, totally off topic. Vivendi is ballzed and no longer playable unless you are a COD noob.
  11. See, I don't mind the Erangel changes as thats a big open long range map so needed a few more long guns. Sure, the loot table is still boned. I still regularly loot an entire building and come out with every attachment and meds possible...but no damn gun! I think even half of the snipers there are on Vikendi is too many. it just needed a few more DMR's to even the odds...but they went "Blueballs" on this one like usual. Like when flare guns were introduced, you could find 3 of them a round! And now I have seen one in maybe 40 rounds..Blueballs go from one extreme to the other. Us - "i'd like a few more long guns - Not too many though as it will upset the bala......." Blueballs - "Hold my Soju" #ballzed
  12. You guys have gone massively overboard. Rather than make minor changes you have added waaaaay too many sniper rifles. The map is too small for this many snipers, now its just a camp fest. One building had 2 x M24 and 3x KAR98!!! utterly mental. It has completely ruined the dynamic of the map. With the crazy circle changes you have squads rushing back to the circle only to be picked off by camping snipers! Who asked for these changes?? madness.
  13. hahaha, no, they made it waaay worse! One building, 2x m24 and 3x kar98..they have gone overboard! ruined the dynamic of the map completely. that and the completely unnecessary circle changes. Was my favourite map, now my worst.
  14. This whole Vikendi update was dumb AF..all they needed to do is add a couple more sniper rifles but nooooooo. In classic blueballs fashion there are now waaaaaay too many! WHEN WILL YOU GUYS LEARN!!! Also, the circle changes...who the hell asked for these? you were supposed to encourage more players to the map...not make them hate it more lol. I think that map is off our radar now until it returns to some kind of normal.
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