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  1. its even better when they report you for cheating when you clearly are not. I had a German guy properly throw a tantrum and reported me...the only reason he lost is he sucked! Even funnier was watching two turkish guys throw a wobbly because my friend killed them from outside the zone..my friend was gonna die anyway as he had hardly any health and was outside of the zone...so he took these guys out with them...they went MENTAL! lol, like properly went mad and acted like you shouldnt kill downed players if you are gonna die anyway, and you should let them live! FTS mate, you are coming with me hahaha.
  2. quango2k

    Major Problem!!!

    check caps lock too....
  3. quango2k

    Any fix for low in game sound in pubg?

    Its always been low. Not saying that's OK, just saying it has always been a lot quieter than other games. On my headset (arctis pro wireless) I have the volume at about 70% where on other games I am less than 50%.
  4. quango2k

    FPS and Rate of Fire

    .429 of a second difference...hardly a major issue is it. If you honestly think this is game breaking you need to go play something else. Cheating is a way worse issue.
  5. quango2k

    Too many bugs

    I have this game running on multiple PC's ranging from i9-9900k 2080ti systems to 10 year old I3 systems and even older AMD systems..None of these have any of these issues. I also work in the industry, and I have done for a very very long time as you do, and you know as well as I do that SOMETIMES PC's are utter shites and do not work right for certain games no matter what you do..and sometimes you will never get the answer. This is 100% your hardware/software configuration, what it is I couldn't tell you but this is a fact. I remember having all sorts of issues with BF2 back in the day, changed my MB and all the problems were gone..no reason for it at all, that's just the joys of computers and the complexities that come with it. Game producers have no way of checking every possible combo of hardware so there is always compatibility issues out of their control. As others have stated, do a fresh install of both the OS and the game onto the NVME (to rule out some sort of PCI bottlenecking going on with your boards. Install Magician. Post your in game settings (the lighting problem is to do with shadow rendering for sure) Post your full PC spec, any overclocks etc as to me it looks like the GFX card is at its limit on one or more of the Mem chips on the card Temp readings from GPU, CPU, Mainboard etc whilst in game. I know you said these issues arose after the last update so.. Post your NVIDIA driver version, was this a fresh install or over the top of the old? Over the years I have seen all manner of weird problems, and solving them were so odd it still baffles me. Your case will be added to the list by the looks of things.
  6. quango2k

    Too many bugs

    Its for sure not the game, or your net speed. Your spec is very similar to mine apart from I have a 9900k CPU, but even when I had the 8700K it was fine. Something else is very wrong here, but for certain its not the game.
  7. quango2k

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    "We" ? Are you the ambassador for pubg??
  8. quango2k

    Explosive Charge - Weapon Suggestion

    IF...and I mean IF it was super super rare, and there was x1 of them, and it made a loud beeping noise to give away its location...then yes! But when Bluehole say something is rare (flare guns in current state)...its never gonna be rare until they understand the meaning.
  9. quango2k

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    Don't use snipers much as I'm a terrible shot with them..but see no issue with this update. the AWM should deal a one shot drop no matter where you are hit, or what you are wearing...if we want realism that it. I think Snipers need to be a lot rarer, mid game is a snipe fest..gets dull especially in 3rd person when you get picked off by a hiding enemy. They should be ultra rare or crate drops only..risk vs reward.
  10. quango2k

    lean out windows/shoot over railings

    For the Devs, if they look at another game I have played recently, Division 2..they have a great animation for shooting over balconies or out of windows. You can lean right out of the window or over the balcony, the trade off is your aim is off and shots are more affected by recoil, also you expose more of your body to shots. great idea if it can be implemented but will change playstyles quite drastically. Especially when trying to get in buildings and you are tucked against the wall safely knowing they cannot get a shot on you...
  11. quango2k

    lean out windows/shoot over railings

    You mean you don't like feeling 3ft tall??
  12. That's all I wanted to see, acknowledgement that its broken and you guys know
  13. Totally agree...its not a real problem, but what it highlights to me is this. On one of the hotfixes it was claimed to be fixed....so it wasn't tested at all, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation. To me it seems this fix is very very simple to action..yet they have not. What else is claimed to be fixed but isn't ?
  14. In game is OK, but since patch 26 its been broken, then apparently fixed in a hotfix which it has not. And now no mention of a fix in Patch 27 ??