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  1. Also get rid of the geforce experience the thing lags the hell out of pubg and messes with frames for some people i had that issue and when i removed it the game ran far better.
  2. Did you make sure your not playing in windowed mode?
  3. completely agree with you we should get battlepoints at least 1k and a bonus crate for every chicken dinner dont know how this hasnt been discussed before.
  4. I can tell you right now it makes no difference i have tried it its just placebo effect.I tried it and still had the same issue also really bad screen flashing when vaulting through windows every so often.This has been happening since update 28 never ever had this problem before.I think it may be caused by the increased loot or from the forced post processing.The devs have not acknowledged it though.Am running an i7 6700 16gb ram gtx 1070 and have the game installed on an ssd with plenty of space for reference.
  5. Yup ah well too late now guess i just bought the pass too late would have been nice if it was extended a little maybe i can try using the beard as a parachute instead!
  6. You mean you don`t work and sat in your mothers basement 24-7 playing.Why exactly would it not be fair??You do realize some people Don`t have all day to play and also may not have started from the launch of the season and also some people may not have bought the wild card pass on day one either.What possible negative effect would it have on you if it was extended besides hurting your precious little feelings and upsetting you.
  7. No some people actually work for a living and have not got all day in grannies basement to play!!
  8. But did you start season 3 from the moment it started?Because some people did not!!
  9. Agree i dont see why its not extend to 1 week before the next season doesnt make sense.
  10. some people work long hours and dont have all day in moms basement to play!
  11. You sir need to learn how to read before trying to be a smart ass he is talking about the season not the event pass and the was only annouced a few days ago dummy!!
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