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  1. Each game seems to have one item that you’ll find an abundance of. It it might be a million SMG compensators in one game, and the next game you won’t see even one because of the overload of Tactical Stocks you keep tripping over.
  2. ^ this guy gets it. Essentially I’m being punished for not always playing squads, I like to play solo when my friends aren’t online - if I get to 5000 SP in all game modes, how is that not worth the same as someone getting 6000 in one mode and 0 in the other modes?
  3. I think not splitting SP across solo / duo / squads would be the biggest QoL change they could make to this.
  4. Dead silence. Can’t have ANY noise when playing PUBG.
  5. He’s not wrong about the massive abundance of snipers and grenades, though.
  6. I imagine we’ll get a token of apology from the devs, they did it with the previous pass when some cock up or another impeded progress.
  7. I remember in the good ol’ days, One X users could prioritise which roof to land on as they could see the guns from the air.
  8. They just need to lower the required player count from 10 to 2 / 4
  9. I’d love to see a cap on the number of grenades you can carry as a potential workaround. I do agree that it’s kind of boring to expect every player you come up against to have 4 or more frags and the ability to essentially carpet bomb you.
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