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  1. Title says it all - queue for it with no success.
  2. This is awesome because I really want that biker jacket reward
  3. Yes but ‘soft’ reset. What the heck is that?
  4. Yes, it’s very difficult to work out what it means.
  5. Whoa indeed. Took less time to download than it did to iron my shirt this morning and I’m not on world-beating speeds at all.
  6. On Reddit they’ve confirmed the live server will have the reduced SR damage, they couldn’t roll it back in time on the PTS though.
  7. Spot on. I think an AWM should be the daddy. Only 15 bullets makes it quite the risk to take over any other sniper. Need to make that risk worth it.
  8. Stream sniping kind of put a dampener on it I thought. Shame!
  9. Anything that brings QBU (favourite gun) away from just Sahnok (least favourite map) works for me.
  10. I’m in. ModestMoose3000 im just as scared of you as you are of me.
  11. The title doesn’t tell us anything at all.
  12. LOL! “One shot” is actually 9 shots from an S12K and he shot him once in the leg.
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