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  1. will it reproduce the game lag? Normally the recording devices don`t record those kind of things I`m starting to notice lag on the Inventory menu aswell
  2. Greetings, First of all, English is not my first language, so i will commit grammar mistakes. If i say something that doesn`t make sense, just tell me what part is not understandable and I will try to correct it right away. Secondly, I made this same post in general help because i don`t know where this issue fits better. My name is Yuri and I`m having some issues with in game gameplay. Anytime that i`m playing 1vs1 and i need to use a red dot or to use the right click zoom i lose the fight because the game freezes for around 1,5 seconds. This is making the game almost unplayable and i would like to see it solved on my game. I have already checked the game files. Any help is welcome. Best regards. PS: If someone knows a easy way to record it (without the necessity to be recording the game in full time) like Nvidia Shadow Play I can try to reproduce it.
  3. The shader isnt the problem... and the other posts seems to not solve my problem with the "float sitting character" who looks like zenyata from Overwatch
  4. The sun light is getting a bug on my PUBG after my first match on the game daily.... its getting green, but when i leave the light to somewhere dark, the bug disappear. Follow evidence in attachment Picutre showing the same Sun light outside houses, where it is dark.... Besides that, i got a bug where my character got stuck siting, he didnt make turns and only moves forward floating like this with legs crossed... WORST game launch ever... IT IS WORST NOW
  5. Thnx for sharing. If you can, please tag me when it`s fixed.
  6. Any resolution prediction? also there is a bug in some holes we can`t scape. like in the crates to get up in the containers of Georgopol
  7. It happens the same thing to me... how can i help you show it to the developers?
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