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  1. Stealthymyths

    Ban policy

    This is best news I've heard for console pubg in a long time. Thank you
  2. Stealthymyths

    Size of latest update?

    Yea thats what I thought my ps4 said, didn't really take much notice till later I turned on xbox and it said it was like 20GB. @PUBG_Andymh5 why's the size of updates vary between console?
  3. Stealthymyths

    Winner Vikendi Stunt Contest

    Congrats 👍
  4. Stealthymyths

    Size of latest update?

    Can anyone confirm the size of the download of this latest update for me?
  5. Stealthymyths

    I want a new account...

    Killed by "a_bullet". Im sure I've seen this somewhere.
  6. Stealthymyths

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    Thank you
  7. Stealthymyths

    Suggestion for next season pass

    I think communicating when it finishes would be a good start
  8. Stealthymyths

    Thanks for the wrong info Pubg

    What valid reason did they give for deleting? Because if they didnt have any that pretty disgusting from them. This whole thing has been a shit show from pubg. We deserve better communication at very least! @PUBG_RoboDanjal I think console community should have the pass extended and going forward be treated with a little decency. We feel let down by pubg.
  9. Stealthymyths

    Server matchmaking

    @PUBG_Andymh5 we are kinda doubling up on topics here on this issue as some of my info is here too. Maybe these topics can be combined?? Thanks
  10. Stealthymyths

    Server matchmaking

    I was playing tpp, and my local server is EU. Played a bit more on both console since, still never happens on ps4 but on xbox my first game on squads Im put in EU every squad after is NA.
  11. Stealthymyths


    Pubg couldnt organises a piss up in a brewery. This pass and title system has been the most idiotic confusing thing they've done.
  12. Stealthymyths

    how to solve frame drop

    Only time I will get frame drops is when first landing at hot drop, it settles quite quickly and while in smokes(my ps4 sounds like a 747 half way down runway). Other than that I could get a random drop here and there. Nothing that bothers me. Routers.... I've no idea sorry
  13. Stealthymyths

    Server matchmaking

    Yea got that too only saying Eu server, which is my native server. Nothing like this happened to me on ps4
  14. Stealthymyths

    Server matchmaking

    It was happening between 9.30pm and 12pm GMT roughly for me, happened last night for me too at about same time. Played solo first, which was on EU server, then joined random squad on EU server then after that it keep putting me on NA servers on squads.
  15. Stealthymyths

    Server matchmaking