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  1. Stealthymyths

    Kill cam?

  2. Stealthymyths

    Throwing smoke grenade warning

    Problem for a long time, you should hear my old ps4. Sounds like a 747
  3. Ive encountered this very thing on ps4 twice. I headshot guy 2/3 times and nothing. Im not sure if I recorded it or not. I'll check later
  4. Stealthymyths

    Care package bug

    I've never come across this before. Very frustrating. I wonder is it specifically related to level 3 gear? @PUBG_Andymh5 @Takarii you guys had many reports of this? All my time playing on xbox and now ps4 I dont think I encountered this once.
  5. Stealthymyths

    How are y’all getting trench coats?

    Anyone remember the days when you could pick up trench coat off the ground like all the other loot
  6. Stealthymyths

    Care package bug

    Trying to loot a level 3 vest and helmet only from care package it kept prompting my that I hadnt got enough room. Throw in a pinch of dysync too. #notenoughspace #pubgthings
  7. Stealthymyths

    It’s coming for you...

    Obvious dsync
  8. Stealthymyths

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    This is just bonkers mad.
  9. Stealthymyths

    Horse mask with antlers

    Dont wear it 😔
  10. Stealthymyths

    Ranking System

    Well you do have yo play the game, just not very well. Its based on gameplay not skill. I wouldn't get too worked up about it. They are currently working on a new one for pc so we'll get it after.
  11. I feel looking at that clip, I can speak for everyone here. Please dont. Good day Sir
  12. Stealthymyths

    How about Vikendi Stunt Contest?

    @Takarii @PUBG_Andymh5 do you know if we can upload 2 or more clips for this or will just one count from each player?
  13. Stealthymyths

    Let me ask you this

    Literally the only difference between beta and 1.0 for bluehole was this screen 😂
  14. Stealthymyths

    ADS (cross post)

    I know the pain dude. Ive trained myself to not do it anymore. But it does happen in the odd occasion and my muscle memory drags my crosshairs all over place in that split second 😂
  15. Stealthymyths

    I got PUBG’d