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  1. Nothing beats the beryl up close and personal except the groza imo. I used to ignore it all time but now its the one gun I enjoy finding
  2. Yea cause I'd love hearing multiple middle eastern villages screaming at me all at once. No thanks
  3. Yea can mods like combine all the "custom matches" topics
  4. Beryl is a beast, won a 13 kill game with 2 beryls about a week and a half ago lol. One with a 6x...... not my perfered load out but it was fun grinding beryls to get toxic skin
  5. If we got customs it would be awesome to organise fpp games with like minded ppl.
  6. I readyed up awhile ago went to toilet and came back to find myself afk in middle of nowhere on miramar, ran to closest shack picked up a pan in mean time a dude had arived in a van to drive over everone. I managed to hop into the back of it and pan him out. Funniest thing ever 😂 I love this game
  7. Esports settings for fpp please!!!
  8. After reading this Im confused if I wasted 2 mins of my life or if I've been enlightened
  9. Yea havent got an answer about that myself
  10. This is a loonnggg overdue gripe of mine. But devs please can you work on getting the customisation screen less laggy, its soo off putting to trying to change gun skins or any skins for that matter. Like why is there sparks flying around my characters feet??? Get rid of the unnecessary bs!!
  11. We've have middle eastern players from start, never have I ever waited 10mins for a solo, only time I dont get full games is like 2-3am on solo. Player base isnt through the roof but its reasonable and I've been quite happy with updates. Still more to be done tho
  12. Well the lack of players obviously proves you are in a minority
  13. I screenshot my setting so I can easily put them all back because I knew some bs like this would happen
  14. Posted a topic on this before. Im also disappointed to see this come to pubg. Pubg is hard, thats what we love about it and what makes winning so rewarding. I dont enjoy noob friendly features
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