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  1. silent_srb

    Test Server / Vikendi

    Just to make clear, this images are what I and some other players thinked when they announced the map. It would made different gameplay for better or worst. We dont need another version of same map with other textures.
  2. silent_srb

    Test Server / Vikendi

    They had to make some difference from sanhok
  3. silent_srb

    Test Server / Vikendi

    Yes, it is about 50% larger than sanhok but what else is different? Loot table and snow tracks? Same height map, same style (urban zones and small huts), same gameplay... paint it green and you have sanhok I am repeating myself but its just because of dissapoitment, this map's potential was a lot bigger
  4. silent_srb

    Test Server / Vikendi

    I said its just another sanhok and you will see its true if you go past the hype. And only TURBO EPIC on this map is shitty loot Its random as 90% are uzi and shot guns, 10% ar's, dmr's and scopes are non-existent.
  5. silent_srb

    Test Server / Vikendi

    What great design? They literally copied sanhok, same height map, river in the middle, urban hot drops and a lot small huts in between.. even size is almost same. They should made full 6x6 size with a big mountain on one side or in the middle, with less populated area and big dense forest, so we could feel frozen hopeless and really different gameplay dynamic than on previous maps
  6. silent_srb

    Test Server / Vikendi

    I was expecting bigger map.. feels like white sanhok with erangel loot
  7. silent_srb

    Nice circle? xD

    I find it cool especially if you keep floating under the bridge until the very end (draw game?)
  8. silent_srb

    I have negative BP

    You have a loan to return ?
  9. When do you plan to add shooting range?? I have about 400h and still shoot like an idiot because only 1% of game time is actual combat which is usually over after two or three seconds........
  10. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    Not quite. In order to encrypt something you need to have encription key stored somewhere so it can be accessed by third party anytime. Or you can change the data in memory before going throught encryption routine.
  11. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    If client ping server then the client will know latency. And if client need to tell how much is latency than this can be changed. If server pings client then it cannot be changed.
  12. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    Also I believe report system is now completely useless because of growing paranoia. People are aware there is enormous amount of cheaters and every better player probably has multiple flags of being a cheater. And cheaters themselfs are probably flagging other players just to make more noise in the system. As a computer programmer I can guarantee you this is the fight Bluehole cannot win. Look at the cracking community for example, where is much more time and money invested fighting them, without much of success...
  13. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    My thoughts also.
  14. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    Cheating in such huge numbers (more than million account banned, who knows how much more is there) wont stop as long as people can make money playing this game. This is extremely bad bussiness solution. I am here to take some fun and relaxion and thats why and how games should be played.
  15. silent_srb

    Cheating Discussion

    I am playing in my region (EU) and looking for replays for confirmation. You can easy see how they track your movement throught obstacles or headshot people with one smg burst over big distance. Last night both me and my friend took headshots in a single burst while driving highspeed near a cheater. Can post you a video.