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    PUBG does not start up

    EDIT: Okay, so, you guys are probably blacklisting functions from the User-Mode Library, specifically probably FilterLoad, FilterCreate, FilterAttach or FilterAttachAtAltitude. My guess is this was done in an attempt to stop user/kernel mode minifilter drivers which inject info into datastreams (net, gpu, etc). Given that many legitimate pieces of software use this library to: prevent malicious software from executing (antivirus) prevent malicious network connections (firewall) provide telemetry etc this may not be the best solution to prevent cheaters. As your codebase/methodology is something of an enigma, I can't really provide any advice but consider using readily available server-side data & client telemetry to make decisions regarding players' validity. Consider generating things like recoil, location data, etc server-side. Maybe also look into DRMing your important client-side code (with intent to shift it server-side). But what do I know :^)
  2. SrslyWTF

    PUBG does not start up

    Come on guys, do you really think blacklisting minifilter drivers is a solution to your cheating problem... Do you even know what antivirus software is or how it works?