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  1. Fixthisshitgame

    Game crash: Megathread

    Every single time you have to drive a vehicle a long distance and your hooning you usually crash
  2. Fixthisshitgame

    Game crash: Megathread

    Every single time I drive a vehicle I crash, I was just top 10 fully kitted with ghille suit had to drive into circle and of course i crashed and games over, Every squad game i play we will have to drive some where and of course at least 1-2 boys out of the squad will crash entirely screwing up our game, and this has been happening every game on squad 1/3 on solo. I'm honestly so frustrated with this I had to complain some where I'm literally scared to drive vehicles because of this i tried not going full gas the whole time and my game would still crash, please please fix this i don't even want to know how many dinner have been lost because of this, countless stressful hours looting up just to find a vehicle and have the game crash (And I'm talking about our games crashing not crashing the whip)