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  1. Problem is game was looking even better at the start of preview on OneX. It has 6 Teraflops but the feeling is that not even half is used!! Also they do their Dev Reports but they don't even tell when those improvements will be implemented or if they are already, it's just like reading a book to become a dev. It's not bad but what we want is specific and schedules
  2. And? Did you even read what they took off in September?? They never made any comment that thoses changes were rolled back...
  3. Hi, September 18 Hotfix decreased graphic quality on many sides, When will we get them back?? or Have we?
  4. Wow you just got a great idea, It would be so fun if they were matching teamkillers together that would be so cool (even just for few month) to teach them a lesson hahaha When there is friendly fire it is totally different, the downed and dead teamates will report or not but PUBG ban only if they judge the kill was intentionnal, like to steal the loot
  5. Teamkill can't be tolerated or PUBG will become a FortMite If they made a marker showing their teamkill count some will make a contest of who got the most for sure, They just need to enforce the rules Also teamkill and teaming should cost BP penalty
  6. ?? Strikepack is an addon for the controller, why you talk about chipped console?
  7. Do we have a chance to see users of controller mods like Strikepack to get banned?? I don't understand why MS and Sony are not suing those companies making profit from selling cheats
  8. And here but i still have no idea if it is only for PC
  9. Stop spreading fake news, of course they do ban peopel, do they put enough ressources in it is questionnable though... @PUBG_Andymh5
  10. They need to do both so that people understand and play by the rules I can't believe so few votes on the poll... I think PUBG should make a poll like this very visible to get all players to vote and finally enforce the ban rule
  11. Each console has a unique ID anyway so they can do whatever they want concerning ban Also nice to see that 80% of people want a stronger ban rule @PUBG_Andymh5