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  1. Love this game but they really make it annoying, why they do that?? Right now I restarted 20 times a game in standard and got 17 times Sanhok 2 times Miramar and 1 Vikendi
  2. They can't make it simple you know... Thats crazy, I get 95% Sanhok!! I just want Vikendi, you know the last map you published ?!? Which is finally playable after 6 months 3 maps should be 33% chance, end of story, please !
  3. "VIKENDI" As we can finally enjoy the new rendering I don't get why Vikendi should not return as featured map, the map was the most flawed and now it looks pretty good Or old maps on one side and latest map with latest modified map on the other (Vikendi + Erangel when it will be ready)
  4. It is really crazy that an issue like this is not bothering them enough to do something about it, a simple volume level, it's just non existent.. just like mouse and keyboard they care only about money and PC! Grrrrrr
  5. The sound is lower than in every other games since its release, , they just need to put the overall volume higher, concerning your specific problem if you are wired to your controller, are you using stereo output, windows sonic or atmos for headphones?
  6. Same issue for me when I use my headphones with Bluetooth (connected to Tv), when connected to the controller the sound is ok at max but still a lot lower than in any other games or apps, In bluetooth, the game is unplayable, the sound is output from Xbox by Hdmi in Passthrough condition to my Tv, no way to amplify more than the Headphones are capable of, but this was since the game came out from what I remember, and no other game or app have such a low output volume...
  7. No ban is issued againt m&k users yet?
  8. 😂 Please open a dictionnary and look for " to be likely to use " and also " nuance " It's very informative to see people's arguments to justify m&k against controller, just lots of them are not entirely thought through or biased
  9. Seeing the result of the poll at the moment, 25% of the voters are likely to use m&k already, that's quite a lot!
  10. For someone who knows m&k then of course it is easier, it's faster more precise so mixing both in the same game is a complete scam, also playing on a console always was about being simple and convenient... m&k brings no parity just unfairness, and those adapters can also be used for cheat scripts...
  11. Well if they would do it now those servers would be very hard to fill or those players would have to wait 30 minutes for their game to start...
  12. Or maybe they will have no more platforms to enjoy, game equals fairness, Valve with Counterstrike understood that from the start...
  13. why you even bother giving your point of view then, you are the one who should move on.. Let people whine as much as they want, that's called freedom 😊
  14. This is totally a different subject, if Crossplay happens then m&k introduction would be ok if they group them together even with PC why not And if they would allow it officially then a lot of players will just stop playing PUBG making it a cheaters heaven and a faster dying game And I assure you it gives a great advantage because recoil can be easily handled with m&k The point of most of people to not play PC for m&k is to get better stats by abusing legit console players There is already a lot of difference in everyone's setup, like I m playing on my couch with a 50"inch 1080p tv while other have there nose on their gaming display... Put m&k on top of that and living room couch console players will just turn to other platforms
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