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  1. Steam account: Steam URL

    In-game nickname: eclipSE_x_

    I haven't played this game for roughly three month on my old computer. Then, few days ago when I updated PUBG on it and tried to play, the game just crashes whenever I got into the old map which is the Erangle. I have taken the screenshot of the error message and uploaded it(click the link below to see it). After that, my account got banned! I've never used any hacks of any kind or any hack softwares even "reshade". Please check my account status, I don't think I've ever got more than 10 kills LOL(on my own account, the nickname I've put here is my friend's account please keep reading). Therefore, this is the only possible event that could trigger the anti-cheat and I'm also really confused because why my account got banned when it is triggered by the problem from the game itself! Besides, I thought it would just be a short ban and therefore I reinstalled the game and borrowed my friend's account to test it. Then, I still encountered the problem and I got banned again! Finally, I searched online and reinstalled both my steam and PUBG. Afterwards, I bought another account and everything goes fine. So, I think this might actually be a bug from the steam. The account nickname that I put on this is my friend's account and my own account's nickname is "Ning-Tian". Also, the steam name of my account is "Flaig_D". I really hope this get solved quickly as this isn't my problem of getting banned, it is the bug from the game that actually triggered the anti-cheat! If you want any informations for analyzing the bug, please ask. Thank you very much!


    I've submitted a ticket on the official pubg support but it doesn't have any responses.

    Error Image: https://imgur.com/Vcbs2mn

    My own steam account url: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198367866931/