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  1. Great opinion. I play FPP in NA servers and have NO problem finding a game
  2. I have no problem carrying 200 rounds of 7.62 along with meds and a few nades
  3. Drop the gun and pick it back up fixes the issue
  4. That’s how lag and desync is started. No thanks.
  5. You literally have the word “desync” in your post..
  6. Understood but how many players actually use the dpad to cycle thru meds? I sure dont, I’d rather use the inventory menu
  7. That’s not desync, that’s delay in the text timing from when you knock someone and finish them. It happens on pc as well.
  8. My squad and I have discussed the possibility of proxy chat by using down on the d-pad for on/off.
  9. More nades=less ammo and meds they are able to carry. They are fine for me
  10. I’m still not sure why a lot of people want to play with PC. Yes, I want faster matchmaking times but at the same time I’d rather not play with PC players who 1: have way better graphics, rendering, FPS and 2: there is still a lot of cheaters on PC
  11. They do support it. Go buy a PC. Problem solved.
  12. I feel as they should remove the “flying embers” in the background. You can watch the frames drop
  13. If you don’t like the skins then don’t do the challenges. Simple as that. You can’t please everyone
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