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  1. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Did they fix the grenade bug?

    The devs will post in here sometimes clarifying things. If you feel it’s an unnecessary post, why reply?
  2. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Upgrading to a One X

    I purchased and have played a few games so far and it’s been great so far. I haven’t had any issues other than my capture card not being able to capture in 4K but so far everything looks great now!
  3. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Upgrading to a One X

    i dont need it for the loading or just pubg. i already have an SSD
  4. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Upgrading to a One X

    i upgraded my headset to hyper x cloud ll so im good on that end. Okay good to know about the no need to reformat
  5. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Upgrading to a One X

    Whats up guys, i have decided to pull the trigger on a New One X. Is there anything i should know about the x compared to the OG. I have an SSD for my OG xbox and plan on using it with the X so will i need to reformat the drive to the new xbox?
  6. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Looking for Members for PUBG mobile India Series

    this is for xbox not mobile
  7. MrSoggyWaffle25

    What will actually be in the patch on the 22nd?

    It’s not the OS that’s holding them back, it’s the hardware. We are supposed to be about 3-4 weeks behind PC with content
  8. MrSoggyWaffle25

    What will actually be in the patch on the 22nd?

    If you want a glimpse of what’s on the patch look at the PTS patch notes
  9. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Proxy chat poll

    Pretty sure there’s like 1,395,496,496 posts asking for proxy chat. The latest news we have is it’s being considered , it’s not a “priority” right now.
  10. MrSoggyWaffle25

    parachuting technique?

    They had a slight parachuting movement change but i dont believe it had the complete parachute overhaul
  11. MrSoggyWaffle25

    parachuting technique?

    They said that parachute update will come at a later date
  12. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Can you please nerf the Vector???

    The Vector is perfectly balanced IMO. Only has 13 rounds from the start or 25 rounds with extended mag. There is nothing wrong with the weapon at all
  13. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Vikendi release after PTS closure

    What are you even saying? Your incomplete sentences dont make any sense
  14. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Change Miramar- slight size reduction (8x7)

    Me and my buddies were talking about this the other day. Basically we said they should change the map completely and turn it into a 6x6 map. Also we said they should make a map that encompasses all the maps they have now. 8x8 map with snow, sand, jungle and urban all in one.
  15. MrSoggyWaffle25


    If they add a vehicle id say they need to add an ATV. Better for offroad use then the bike Better stability offroad slower on city streets holds up to 2 people