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  1. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Indicator of game mode during game please?

    I’m pretty sure it shows what mode your playing in at the bottom left unless it’s one man squad. If there are team mates then expect to fight more than one guy.
  2. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Ray of Light

    Mud have had some good 🌲 LOL good work my friend!
  3. Honestly I’d love to see this once. I’ve had it happen on PC and man it was insane! Lol
  4. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Can we eliminate the 'sneezing' animation?

    Ummm I’m not really sure what you mean
  5. MrSoggyWaffle25

    PUBG community owners a joke

    Okay lol it’s not going to “die” like everyone thinks it is lol. Soooo many people said 2019 the game is gonna be dead... HA
  6. MrSoggyWaffle25

    FPP Weekend

    I wouldn’t say impossible like you say but it might be tough.
  7. MrSoggyWaffle25

    PUBG community owners a joke

    Someone else leaving?? OKAY BYE!
  8. MrSoggyWaffle25

    FPP Weekend

    Impossible? No. What time are you playing at? I play around 5pm pat and get into games almost instantaneously. Once it’s get to about 11-12 is when it starts to take a while
  9. MrSoggyWaffle25

    Map selection

    Anotherrrrr Map selection post. Why not add onto the 1,000,148,173,726 other posts instead of making a new one each day. At this point I don’t even care for map selection. It’s going to increase wait times on other maps
  10. MrSoggyWaffle25

    What Do You Want the Next Map to Be?

    I did read it but there are too many maps and not enough players
  11. MrSoggyWaffle25

    What Do You Want the Next Map to Be?

    Yeah common sense isn’t something you see a lot on here. It’s more about wanted more or “needing” more.
  12. MrSoggyWaffle25

    What Do You Want the Next Map to Be?

    I don’t think they need another map. The player base is already to split between 4 maps. Adding another would slow down the queue times even more
  13. My cousins sister in law told me that next gen consoles would have the ability to use the controller telepathically.
  14. How is asking people to boycott any better? LOL
  15. If you don’t wanna buy it then don’t.