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  1. Yeah watching chacotaco, he can point out someone 2 buildings away, on wich floor the guy is. I dont have shitty headset, and feel lucky if i hear someone walk near me like 10/15 meters. Anything beyond that i cant hear because my own footsteps are to damn loud.
  2. Oh said restart ment reinstall. Alle good so far, played 3,5 hours. 2 chickens, no strange deaths. ( Other then my bad aim)
  3. Did a full restart, it felt better for me. Not every gun fight is auto loss.
  4. Not saying its him, Just comparing
  5. Cmon that many chicken back to back? Whats a thumbless Gaga streak? - checked, Gaga gets rounds in row off 2/3 kills this Guy most be really good
  6. While fighting u van switch scopes? Canted sight is way faster.
  7. Wow Just another frag post? Search next time.
  8. Yeah my stats dropped.. not that important, but was ging for hihger top 10 %
  9. Reinstalled today. Playing tommorow night. Ill get back of IT gave any improvements.
  10. Still wank u have to avoid fights in a Shooter game. I get lazerd by so many its like im alwasy late tot respond. ( Around 3 kd so not totally crap player)
  11. A Idea, cant they lower own footstep sounds? It might be easier tot hear people, without giving sound campers more advantage.
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