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  1. Flubdate 2.0 wonder how far we are on getting the newest update on 27th?
  2. Im hit and miss with first game of the day. Sometimes I’ll boss it, sometimes I’ll play disgusting and die very early on... that’s the nature of the beast in this game though.
  3. Haha yeah I was running about trying to get to cover and med up 😂 then the m24 horror show from you with shots “not registering” happened in the same game 😂
  4. Is the top one not sunset bottom one daytime??
  5. Desync you say? https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/db0vin/video/76204615 maybe I wasn’t far enough round the rock to protect myself from the blast, but I’m certain I’m round the corner when he kills me?
  6. Ive just read up/watched a bit more on it, gas canisters are going to make entrances to buildings a nightmare... but with the ledge grab all windows on upper floors (minus bar windows) are going to become entrances also, so not every entrance is going to be covered. Like you said, it’s definitely going to change gameplay but I think the gas canisters are going to be countered with ledge grab. I think they’ll both be good additions and I’m looking forward to them now.
  7. Total agree mate. I don’t play squads/duos as often, so in solos it’s not as big a deal, however, if there’s two enemies nearby, you can still use the distance info for zeroing bang on. To me seems unnecessary, you get 3rd party apps to tell you how far away the furthest kill was after the game... why make it unrealistic and add it in game? Only seen this and gas bottles info from the PC PTS notes, will need to look at it proper to see what’s likely to come to consoles... hopefully PC kick up fuss about distance info shown in game before it’s implemented on consoles. Unsure about gas bottles, definitely going to be used by campers in houses, so I’m unsure if this is going to be a good or bad thing.
  8. 😱 facccck yeah get some rest bud, would be traumatic.
  9. Jesus, sounds like a bad one lad. Your car a write off?
  10. Finally get a night off to play some pubg... and it’s down. Finger out xbox live.
  11. Yeah I can’t get logged in to my account, think it’s xbox live issues.
  12. Woowwww enjoyed that vid 😂👏🏻
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