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  1. DB0VIN

    Solo Teaming + Bridge Camps

    Wow... good job at getting away from that, I thought you were goina get that final hit on you to finish you off. unsure if this is against forum rules as it shows cheating... but you haven’t showed any names of the individuals... this post may get taken down also though if it breaks forum rules. Haha clearly teaming, and they have put a new ban policy in place, which is harsher punishments and should hopefully deter the individuals teaming. its also definitely not fair... go play duos/squads if you want to work in a team. Solos is a totally different style of play from them and shouldn’t need to put up with bs like this as it’s totally against solo play.
  2. DB0VIN

    This is messed up

    Could be that, be also I think there has been a dramatic increase in teaming, I see teamers quite frequently now.
  3. DB0VIN

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    Through stream sniping you mean?
  4. DB0VIN


    I agree, if I see someone I know in the killfeed I’ll actively try and find them and try to kill them.
  5. DB0VIN

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    That makes sense
  6. DB0VIN

    what to do while waiting?

    Basketball? 🏀 😂
  7. DB0VIN

    This is messed up

    Dont think this was the case this time... as I won. You’d have to be really bad to have a lag switch, deploy it properly that it kicks up the plane and still lose 😂
  8. At least you all managed sky dive, my plane just disappeared and left us free falling, then 70 people drowned 😂 look at the FPS on your one 😂😂🤮
  9. DB0VIN

    Game "Crash" Question...

    Yeah happened to me yesterday, back to dashboard have an x but no ssd so took a while getting back in. Thankfully I hadn’t die... still annoying though.
  10. DB0VIN

    Bravo on new ban policy.

    I wasn’t sure what this was either. You can’t join a game or follow someone without being invited into a party game in squads... so I have no idea what this could mean.
  11. DB0VIN

    This is messed up

    I remember seeing that... however only 10ish got out at the start of the flight then and everyone froze and drowned and only 20 managed to swim ashore... and If anyone was doing a lag switch it wasn’t me.
  12. DB0VIN

    This is messed up

    Strangest/easiest chicken dinner I’ve had 😂
  13. DB0VIN

    This is messed up

    Not sure how I done it though 😂
  14. Madness https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/db0vin/video/73183681 falling... not skydiving then mass drownings https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/db0vin/video/73183703 Cheers to this guy for the lift (even though you tried to run me over first) https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/db0vin/video/73183742 think 60/70 people drowned at the start of the game, but worked in my favour as I got the win. @PUBG_Andymh5 this was a crazy start and some sort of bug caused the plane to glitch, here’s the videos for the codes etc to see if you can figure out what happened at the start.