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  1. DB0VIN

    What did I miss?

    She’s good bud ta, she’s a month old already 😮 I’ll give you a shout, unsure what time though.
  2. DB0VIN

    What did I miss?

    I’m definitely going to be on tonight, the Mrs will just have to deal with the kids herself 😂
  3. DB0VIN

    Individual Map Selection

    Cheers bud, yeah I had a quick game on the PTS and that’s all I’ve played in 3 weeks. Will give you a shout when I’m on. Back to work and sort of normality now, so might get a couple games in tonight... if the Mrs lets me 😂
  4. DB0VIN

    Individual Map Selection

    Had a wee baba lad, been too busy getting pissed and shat on by her. Hopefully be on pubg soon, but probably get pissed shat on by other players too 😂
  5. DB0VIN

    Individual Map Selection

    I don’t have pubg for PC, but just curious, what are the times ontop of the individual maps? Estimate Wait times?
  6. DB0VIN

    Definition of Irony....

    😂 He wasn’t very book smart
  7. I’m really annoyed at this, I gave plenty of evidence and the guys who teamed on me along with others in the forum are still active and team daily... ridiculous!
  8. DB0VIN

    Finally got a SSD

    I believe a SSD only affects rendering times at the start of a match, which is good for hotdrops as it will produce quicker building rendering times. It definitely won’t affect FPS.
  9. DB0VIN

    Teaming in Solo

    I reported mine with plenty of evidence, videos/screenshots/pubglookup to show them travelling in the same vehicle throughout the solo game... no feedback on the report other than it’s been passed on, this was over 9 days ago, been checking up on the cheats and still play daily... and team regularly as I can see both their names in the same game time after time... seriously??! No ban? No wonder they do it all the time and don’t care, if this is the speed the devs work at on cheats. What’s the point in reporting if they get away with it? I’ve reported once, but like you say... it’s very time consuming and for 0 outcome, no wonder the majority of people on this thread say it’s pointless. @PUBG_Andymh5 any feedback on this? You mentioned internal communications were on going regarding information on this matter, any news yet?
  10. DB0VIN

    Flinching really bad on PTS.

    I haven’t had a chance to play PTS yet, but like you said, this happens to me a lot when PTS’s are out. As much as you want to play it, desync is highly likely due to playing out of the region. I just play PTS to get a feel for the upcoming patches/maps
  11. Why do people complain about loot on Erangel when they drop at places like Zhakri/Ferry Pier? The reason why you don’t get good loot at Zhakri/Ferry Pier is because you’re dropping here in the first place. Have a look online at places where the decent loot is on this map... it’s definitely not the places where people complain about anyway... hot drops are hot because they have good loot, it’s not hard to get your head round.
  12. DB0VIN

    Teaming in Solo

    It’s a separate report you need to complete following the link posted above, there’s no system in place (at the moment) to report in game, only team kill report in duo/squads.
  13. I like FPP too (I’m definitely better on TPP though) but also stopped playing due to long matchmaking times. i think there’s a few who appreciate both TPP and FPP... but, starting this thread again is definitely going to cause shit as you get some people who are die hard on both sides... and I’m away to get my popcorn out the cupboard again.
  14. DB0VIN

    Teaming in Solo

    Suppose, people get confused that my name is a zero not a O, copy and paste from pubglookup would solve it though.
  15. DB0VIN

    Teaming in Solo

    Yeah FPP in EU is very low, I gave up on FPP due to matchmaking, but I only play TPP now and that’s where I see teaming.