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  1. NeoLightRushXBOX

    After about 75 Raider crates.

    Same here...
  2. NeoLightRushXBOX

    Type B bug still active.

    Your need to restart your Xbox then it's fixed.
  3. NeoLightRushXBOX

    Unable To Run Full Speed When Going Straight

    In this post i talked detailed about how this happened to me... Don't know if it's random or not.
  4. NeoLightRushXBOX

    When do we get new guns?

    And don't forget the new M7 ??
  5. NeoLightRushXBOX

    PTS Various Bugs

    Hello i want to report bugs i found, my Xbox One Version is the Xbox One S 500 GB with a standard controller. Bug 1 Bug Description: The crosshair sets itself to default but the colour you set (in this case cyan) stays you only have to activate it. Location: Everywhere Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/neolightrush/video/58893171 Replication It happens by chance, but if it does, it happens from the beginning and not in the middle of the game. Connection: Wireless Game Mode: FPP-Solo Bug 2/3 Bug Description: The message "Xbox game controller has been disconnected" won´t go away although the controller is connected. I had to use my other one on copilot mode after that i could only sprint diagonal and not straight ahead. Location: Everywhere Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/neolightrush/video/58891579 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/neolightrush/video/58891600 Replication: It happens to me when i accidentally press the connect button on my controller (the black one at the top), after reconnecting it i tried to press A to close the message but it didn´t worked and i couldn´t do anything so i connected my other controller (standard Xbox controller) and turned on copilot-mode after that the sprint bug appears. Connection: Wireless Game Mode: FPP-Solo (Sry for my bad english I´m German)
  6. NeoLightRushXBOX

    Unable To Run Full Speed When Going Straight

    I had this bug yesterday and i think it happens when you press the connect button on the controller or when you change your controller. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/neolightrush/video/58891579/embed