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  1. pizzaman

    OCE Region

    Ya I have no idea how the communication goes between this forum and reddit, sometimes we see more active engagement there. Here's the link https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/9toqhe/megathread_na_queues_broken_againand_againand/e8y90or/
  2. troll NPC? gut a troll and disguise as a troll
  3. pizzaman

    Explain this to me please

    I have had this happen to me with the 4x scope before. Under 50m or so it shoots high
  4. To be fair, he said he used google translate for this post. And I must say, google translate is pretty good.
  5. pizzaman

    PUBG is dead?

    Ya people don’t understand what dead games mean. Dead game is Islands of Nyne. Dead game means little to no players left for the game in all regions. Yes most player bases are in asia, so pubg may dwindle in NA or other regions, but as long as AS is strong, it is not dead. They are still making money
  6. pizzaman

    OCE Region

    Do we know if this auto region only applies to solo queues?
  7. pizzaman

    OCE Region

    What should a non dev say in this case? You want solution? Move your ass to North America, rent an apartment, call Comcast Internet company or if you want somethingg cheaper try AT&T. plug in the ethernet cable and congrats, you are no longer out of region.
  8. pizzaman

    This is not fair

    That's like saying, hey I paid full price for my car. Now I am entitled to free upgrades, free performance upgrade parts, free body trim upgrades from this manufacturer from here on out, FOREVER. In fact any future product this manufacturer makes that is anywhere related to my car, I expect to get it for free
  9. BO4 was in development for 3 years. Blackout mode was just an addon, they had most of the netcode and other things for 3 years
  10. I mean it’s pretty much like Quake with semi feasible weapons. The bunny hopping and sliding and strafing. It’s more about soraying than controlled shots with the weapon.
  11. She thinks he thinks that she thinks that he thought it was good. In the end, they both have had it better
  12. Wait what? Is this fake news? You can't lose rank anymore if you die?