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  1. A T5 and you just plug it in, format and move PUBG to it. If you don’t mind spending an extra 10 minutes, get a Samsung EVO 860 and a USB 3.0 enclosure. Will put you back slightly less.
  2. Bug Description: At least at one place it's not possible to pass through the fence poles as the graphics suggest. Location: Just Nort/Nortwest of Winery Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mutx/video/64581339 Replication: Static Xbox One Version: Xbox One S Connection: wireless Game Mode: FPP - Squad
  3. MutX

    Dev feedback

    It gives FOV slider a completely new meaning.
  4. MutX

    Eu Duo is dying too ?

    @Goofy The Scot Haha, see what you mean there... But I too have very few issues finding matches, not for TPP at least, I play all of Solo, Duo and Squad and rarely have to wait more that 10 seconds to get into a lobby.
  5. MutX

    Eu Duo is dying too ?

    Because you probably have your liquid lunch at that time, yes
  6. MutX

    SSD Xbox one original 500gb

    Caved in and connected an SSD yesterday. Massive improvement! My squad mates have adapted to jump late and constantly remained me to avoid rooftops due to clay buildings. With the SSD I’m in the lobby before the countdown starts and everything is rendered when I’m near ground👍 Even got a sense of an over all smoother view, but that may be placebo related to the money I just spent 😜
  7. MutX

    Anyone play on PTS EU server?

    Nope, tried a number of times. Waited for minutes to no avail.