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  1. Don't know how much I spent but it was worth every penny
  2. Got this the other day, was looting around in a house and heard someone on the way in. He/she came running up the stairs so I obviously had to shoot at them, for a rather easy kill 😀 But I seriously don’t understand people getting so salty for the wrong reason. And I don’t have the time to start advising them how to securely remove their head from their own arsehole, or explain how lucky they are having shoulders. I like almost all here get “accused” for camping when that rarely was the case, and even if it was it’s still the killed one that was the bad player being careless or unaware of the surroundings... Why bothering message me instead of just start a new game and play better? That’s usually what I do when I get killed.
  3. Close to the hundred, I got the bead so the most satisfying level is past! Only a few xp from the cross dressed elk. Not that I necessarily like it but it looks so very, very disturbed I will probably have to wear it occasionally...
  4. Like this 😁 Apparently my duo mate didn’t see the same on his screen so he couldn’t understand why I was laughing so hard over a kill 😜 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mutx/video/71506718
  5. Or a very sick sense of humour...
  6. MutX

    Fence bug at Winery

    Bug Description: At least at one place it's not possible to pass through the fence poles as the graphics suggest. Location: Just Nort/Nortwest of Winery Evidence: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mutx/video/64581339 Replication: Static Xbox One Version: Xbox One S Connection: wireless Game Mode: FPP - Squad
  7. Nope, tried a number of times. Waited for minutes to no avail.
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