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  1. Hello

    I got banned when I was in the lobby waiting for a game last night. Afterward, I got an account alert on my steam which showed that " You have been banned by the developers" and this is a permanent ban. I submitted tickets to the support to see whether they can help me in my situation but I still haven't got any reply yet. I saw people got helped by you in their cases so I decided to make a post here to seek for your help and I will be really appreciated about it. I am wondering why I got banned because I never cheat in this game. But, I did opened teamspeak or discord sometimes when I was playing with my friends in duo and squads. I admit that sometimes I did being toxic and salty by using the voice chat in game and I am really sorry about that  but I didn't know it could go this far to get a game ban since everyone was doing it. 


    My in-game name is :  jinlul ( two capital i )
    My steam account is : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198316457598/



    Thank you & Sorry for the inconvenience 


    Hope to see your response soon









    1. Mauricelol



      I got a ban on 3.3.2018 which was Sunday. And, I got another ban today which 3.5.2018. I am really confused that why I got banned in this game when I don't use cheats and any third party program except discord, teamspeak and CPU Cores. 

      Hope to see your reply 

      Thank you