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  1. SxmbaUS

    Xbox PTS servers

    Screw that let’s talk about why I can’t get into a duo or a two man squad?
  2. SxmbaUS

    Game crash: Megathread

    Are you guys serious man... you put out an update but you still do not acknowledge the crash or even try and fix the crash man. Two teammates including me just crashed and died at the end of a match with hypezone and lost the game because you guys for some reason are not even trying to fix the crash. You have thousands of comments on this post and yet it has yet to be resolved. If this was my game I would put new maps and content on hold and would be working every day all day to fix this freaking crashing issue. It has been going on for way to long. I think you guys need to hire new people to do the job because the ones you got doing it right now suck. Sorry to act like this but I’m just really sick and tired of my game crashing everytime I get good loot or I’m about to win.
  3. SxmbaUS

    Game crash: Megathread

    If you guys do not acknowledge the damn problems and actually do something to fix the problems like the game crashes or houses not loading in for five minutes or every other bullshit problem with this then I want my money back. I’m sick and tired of getting good loot or being about to win a match and the damn thing crashing on me. Or get stuck in a floor or a damn wall. I understand it’s a game preview and it’s still in its early stages but damn dude you would think after all of the feedback you would fix the biggest issues. Like why are we still waiting on an update to fix this shit. If this was my game and I was the creator I would of had a fix two weeks ago or atleast an update to try and fix it