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  1. WakaFlocka

    ETA for console please....

    Hope this arrives soon. My main issue with the current loot in Erangel isn't the weapons themselves though - I always find at least one AR, and I am surprised that they think ARs need such a massive boost. The lack of scopes is what cripples the map for me frequently - a lot of the time I barely find a red dot even after extensive looting. I have even had games Erangel lately with both an AR and a Sniper rifle with no extra sights/scopes to put on them whatsoever.
  2. Turns out 3 guys managed to jump before everyone else got caught in the plane without being able to leave: https://pubg-replay.com/match/xbox/356e4a91-49b4-44de-b4f7-cb450a86e4fc
  3. True - had almost no control at all due to lag/fps the first 10 seconds or so after the drop. Just happy I made it to the ground without smashing into a tree.
  4. Needless to say it was a mad scramble for vehicles when the circle appeared at the opposite end of the map. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/mccool1969/video/73237248 This has happened to me twice now after the latest update.
  5. WakaFlocka

    We need Sanhok ONLY!!! NOW

    Miramar and Erangel are the two best maps by far for the type of gameplay I prefer. Loot is a bit scarce on Erangel though, and without at least a 3x you are in big trouble. That is the only real issue I have with the map.
  6. WakaFlocka

    Flare Gun Rant

    Ahh. Should probably be explained in-game how it actually works. I suspect lots of people on the console versions never visit forums and thus miss vital info about the game.
  7. WakaFlocka

    Flare Gun Rant

    Have heard the 'flare gun sound' a couple of times (well, I suppose that is what I heard). Never seen the corresponding air drop though - not marked on the map either.
  8. WakaFlocka

    Vultures over Miramar**URGENT**MUST READ**

    I have played hundred of matches on Miramar and usually (in solo play) land on the outskirts of the map. Dying to the blue is extremely rare for me, even when the first circle appears on the other side of the map. It goes without saying that you better get moving early instead of waiting for the blue to catch up with you in those cases. Don't run in a straight line through the desert, follow roads instead to find vehicles. Sometimes it is better to go in the opposite direction - away from the circle - to find a vehicle, instead of going over terrain where others have been minutes earlier.
  9. WakaFlocka

    Map polling

    What's wrong with you people? Miramar beats the snot out of the other maps by a huge margin.
  10. WakaFlocka

    Thumbless Gaga 34 kills

    There are XBox FPP tournaments with cash prizes? Tell me more!
  11. My progression seems to have stalled quite a bit lately. It almost seems like the higher you get the less points you acquire. 2000-3000 was ok, 3000-4000 as well. 4000-5000 seemed to take forever. Had 5025 before I started playing today, and after 7 matches (5 of them top 10 finishes, and at least one kill in 6 of the 7 matches) I have just gotten 30 extra for a total of 5055. Anyone have any info on this?
  12. WakaFlocka

    Free Fall System is Broken

    Same for me - never get anything lower than 170 without doing this. And it doesn't always work. Pushing forward from the get go always makes me drop faster than if I take a break after a couple of seconds and push forward once more. Needless to say I lose a lot of range.
  13. WakaFlocka

    Let's hear it for the maps!

    Yep, in the second 1x1km square from the left.
  14. I feel that the diversity and size of the maps is a bit overlooked. To me that is one of the really big draws of PUBG. Multiplayer games with smaller maps that leads to very predictable movement patterns (round the corner, throw a nade over that wall, and the enemy should appear right over there in 3..2...1...) really doesn't do it for me anymore. I think it is quite impressive that there are buildings in both Erangel and Miramar I still haven't been inside after 1000+ hours of playing - and I do try to mix it up by not dropping at the same spots time and time again. Once in a while I even come across secluded spots like this that I haven't seen before even after playing the map hundreds of times: I'm quite impressed that the game can still surprise me with stuff like this.
  15. I don't need to be able to select a specific map, but at the very least something like this: BIG (Erangel/Miramar) or SMALL (Sanhok/Vikendi).