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  1. Pretty impressive - if they hadn't all been AFKs of course. Maybe this type of kills shouldn't count at all. Edit: Funnily enough I actually killed the very same guy later in the match - didn't notice until I reviewed his game on pubg-replay 😂
  2. I have tens of thousands of hours on shooters through the years, almost every single one played in FPP. Never been a fan of TPP. PUBG on Xbox is the first game where I actively choose to play in TPP simply because I don't like the perceived sluggishness in FPP. It has nothing to do with the elitist view of the game being 'easier' in TPP - it is all down to how it feels. FPP and TPP might have the same frame rate from a technical point of view, but TPP seems to flow a lot better for me. Edit: Have tried PUBG on PC a few times while visiting friends, and FPP on PC (which would have been my choice if I had a decent gaming rig now) is a completely different experience.
  3. And on top of that the region you are placed in (the small eu/oc/na to the right of the session ID in the lower part of the screen) in isn't visible until the countdown starts. Extremely annoying that they don't show this right away for those of us who would rather quit and try again instead of playing in regions with pings 3-5x higher than our home region. This is my ping right now (from my PC which is on Wi-Fi - it is probably a bit better from the cabled connection on my Xbox). OC is the worst connection by far for me (I live in EU) no matter what time of day. Yet it is the only alternative to EU I am offered. NA never shows up for me even though it is clearly the best choice for me outside of EU by a huge margin:
  4. Totally agree, happens to me quite often as well. And I never start a game while the server status is marked in red. It makes no sense being forced onto a OC server when it is 9pm (pretty much prime time for online gaming I assume) in Europe and early in the morning (surely not prime time at all...) for those 'belonging' to the OC server.
  5. What if we just make it so that killing someone who hasn't moved yet (no registered controller input after dropping from the plane) isn't worth anything? Because it really isn't. That would surely make the AFK-hunters lose interest, and as others have mentioned people might reconnect and continue the game a minute or two in.
  6. Very cool! Only found 2 people killing me, but fun to see the other perspective (even though i potatoed hard... 🤪)
  7. WakaFlocka


    Boosting and using side arms could be a good addition to swimming. Only when you are not submerged though.
  8. WakaFlocka

    Distorted sound becoming more frequent

    Agree. Also the sound of the sea on Vikendi is very on/off - it's either there or not. To me it seems like there is very little gradual decrease/increase in volume as you move away/towards the coast.
  9. Same here. And those who whine the most about people using terrain as cover are the very same players who run from building to building all the time. Somehow that is courageous and fair play in their mind, but God forbid if you hide behind a bush instead of standing out in the open so they get a clear shot at you... Big fan of 1-man-squad and play it a lot. Going for an all out open firefight against 3-4 players on the same team is of course a near death sentence when you are on your own. You have to go for a more sneaky style to get a decent placement against squads. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  10. Used to happen once in a while, but now it happens almost every day for me. It is often triggered by crossing the edge of the blue zone. It usually goes away within a minute or so, but when it happens it is impossible to make out where sounds (shots, vehicles and so on) come from. Maybe it is a buffer issue or something? When it appears it always seems to be towards the end of the match. Example: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mccool1969/video/69099509
  11. WakaFlocka

    Vikendi can't be in the Adriatic sea

    Very few ski resorts are close to the sea. To avoid lots of artificial boundaries it makes sense to place the game on an island though. It might not be correct from a purely realistic standpoint, but hey; it is a game after all. And snow is certainly not a rarity neither in Serbia or Croatia.
  12. WakaFlocka


    Love Miramar, but would like to see the circle end up closer to the edge of the map. Several great locations (Prison, Alcantara, Military) never really see any action mid-game or later. Maybe the very first circle should be a square instead? That would surely increase the odds of the final circles being more towards the outer edges of the map than they are now. Another solution would be that the first circle should be allowed to go somewhat beyond the edges of the map.
  13. That is the case for me as well. I always wait until it goes away though, but still end up on the OC servers quite often. Still haven't played on the NA servers which should be the obvious choice based on connection if my local region is short of players.
  14. I live in Europe and fully understand that there might not always be enough people around all the time - especially if you play particularly early or late. However, today at around 9pm local time I was once again placed on the OC server. That makes no sense at all. It should be prime time for online gaming around here at that time and no reason at all for switching to another region. My landing looked like this: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mccool1969/video/68888247 I have two BIG HUGE issues with the current automatic region selection/switching: 1) I always end up (unless I get my 'home region') on OC servers. That is the region that has the worst ping by far for me - see the attached screenshot (based on ping to the PC servers I assume, but probably gives a good indication). Literally any other region than OC would be better from me, but I have not even once been placed on any other server than OC when the system decides that there are not enough players in my own region. 2) The switching doesn't make sense even if the connection speed had been great. Why? Because at midnight or 1am local time where the online gaming dies down a bit it is 10am or so in Australia. Most everyone is at work or school. In the US however the evening is just beginning and tons of people are playing. This leads me to believe that ping or even local player base in the region you end up in is not a factor in the server selection at all. It seems to be more a case of "not enough players around? Just dump 'em on the OC server..."
  15. WakaFlocka

    Show me your desync clips

    Already close to dying, but the final blow came after I turned the corner. The shooter was on the hill on the opposite side of the house. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/mccool1969/video/68207472