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  1. AmazingKamper

    Lean left issue

    This is the issue: evenif i set that setting to last peak direction, when i peak left it still changes back my aiming to right side in a second
  2. AmazingKamper

    Lean left issue

    I am facing following issue for some time: when i am behind a tree/wall and lean left (soft aim, so not ads), when i peek to shoot, my soft aim direction changes from left to right after i step out from behind the tree/wall, which got me killed several times. When i lean right and peek, i dont experience the same issue, my aim direction remains on the right. I tried to change the tpp camera setting, but the issue remains, no matter which option i chose (normally i use the aim at last lean direction) When i watch some streamers, i dont see they would have same issue when peeking left, so i dont think this is a general issue. Any suggestion how to fix this is appreciated
  3. To watch this, these are funny moments, but for the actual player i understand the frustration at that time when this shit happens...
  4. AmazingKamper

    Leaderboard stats?

    I understand the leaderboard concept, but for me also the career stats are not available in pubg, so i dont see how many games i played, what is my k/d etc. Is it same for everybody?
  5. AmazingKamper

    Map selection : alternative solutions

    I am afraid free map selection would not work on tpp either. Just imagine the number of queues they would need to create altogether (solo, duo, squad x 4) and that the remaining playerbase would split among all those...there would be long waiting times in lobby until you can finally join and start a game. They need to reduce the number of queues in order to avoid long waiting times, so i dont expect single map selection will be available/possible.... By the way, in my view the maps are too large, except for shanhok. 6x6 and 8x8 maps are too large, therefore gameplay is slow and boring (at least for certain part for sure). On top of this, for whatever magical reason, the devs keep the loot ratio low on the bigger maps. What's the point of that? I mean the game will not be more exciting if you have to use pistol,uzi or shotgun. Loot ratio should be closer to what we have on shanhok.