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  1. I find it strange, although i have no knowledge about game development... If this hotfix is about putting players in correct region, i'd expect this happens on server side, so it is interesting to see 2gb client update...
  2. Hi Robo, it seems in my case it was individual issue indeed, related to the controller somehow, because after i replaced the controller, i dont have the issue anymore
  3. Depends whether you get the armored uaz or care pack. I got armored uaz as i shot it outside circle and it landed very fast. The care pack within circle lands very slowly.
  4. This is the issue: evenif i set that setting to last peak direction, when i peak left it still changes back my aiming to right side in a second
  5. I am facing following issue for some time: when i am behind a tree/wall and lean left (soft aim, so not ads), when i peek to shoot, my soft aim direction changes from left to right after i step out from behind the tree/wall, which got me killed several times. When i lean right and peek, i dont experience the same issue, my aim direction remains on the right. I tried to change the tpp camera setting, but the issue remains, no matter which option i chose (normally i use the aim at last lean direction) When i watch some streamers, i dont see they would have same issue when peeking left, so i dont think this is a general issue. Any suggestion how to fix this is appreciated
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