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  1. 300WinMag

    Will pubg be on Next Gen consoles?

    It's my understanding that the next gen. will be backwards compatible with everything. .
  2. 300WinMag

    Better aiming

    Good luck with that. Been waiting since game inception.
  3. 300WinMag

    When will we get 60 fps?

    This game will never run at 60 fps even though the X is capable of doing it.
  4. 300WinMag

    Rendering & De-sync on PTS

    LOL whatever you say.
  5. 300WinMag

    Rendering & De-sync on PTS

    It's your money if you want to spend it on what the developer should be fixing be my guest.
  6. 300WinMag

    Rendering & De-sync on PTS

    Should you really have to buy an SSD to make a game run right? I think not.