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  1. My issue is not that the red zone exists, but the damn volume of it. Seriously Devs, turn that shiz down! In a game where sounds play such a big part, everyone has their headsets turned up. Then all of a sudden you have to turn them down or risk having your ear drums blown........
  2. Just played one game about an hour ago. It just feels slow n clunky and not fluid like normal. Didn't bother anymore after that one.
  3. Seems like just today the lag is really bad. Anybody else notice this today ?
  4. I'd suggest instead of a featured map splitting them better, like have all selected or sanhok and mirimar together, and erangal and vikendi together.
  5. My opinion on it is the entire looting system needs to be changed on Xbox. It's far too slow !!! On PC its mega quick because of the mouse. Maybe the left analog stick could be used in the menus to function like a mouse, and the right one could move your character. Its vital to be able to move that's why I suggested doing it like that. Using the right analog stick for looting wouldn't quicken the process up.
  6. I'm gonna give it a go now and try different clothes. I haven't cared about what I was wearing for a long time now, maybe there's something to it......
  7. Unless you're wearing the bright yellow tracksuit I don't feel clothes matter that much. Can't say I've ever missed someone on Erangal because they wore green. Then again, maybe I have lololol. The white jacket I've not noticed though. In terms of coding, they seem to struggle with simple things on occasion. The main menu for example is choppy as hell.
  8. Funny that. I had this issue prior to the update. Ever since it's fixed.
  9. I've seen it suggested before and think it's a nice idea. But at the same time I'm not entirely sure clothes make that big of a difference to justify adding it.
  10. I don't want to be hatin, but this is an unbelievably stupid question....
  11. I'd give my opinion if I could find a game.
  12. Kar98 (WITH SUPPRESSORS), and no secondary or throwable. Then it could be real fun.
  13. A quick press of LB set it back normal. Still a shame this bug exists. makes it very hard to play. EDIT : I was playing TPP SOLO..
  14. Yes, same has happened to me. I'm on xbox one. As of update yesterday wins are no longer recorded in the career(wins since yesterday).
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