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  1. Duo almost got me but i have a surprise for them FRAAAAAG out DOUBLE KILL hahahahaha... https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvX_qw8_1pTggxhFyV1Jcn6VwGxj
  2. If instead of crying you use them or maybe you dont know how to? You too can carry and throw frags. Is like crying when you get sniped with 1 shot. Im more angry cuz i buy an external ssd from samsung that cost $150 dlls. So my game load faster and as soon as i land everything is loaded, but the guy on the house aside me he cross the walls as a ghost take an m416 cross the walls from his house to mine and kill me unarmed. Thats really bullshit if a guy kill me with a frag is cuz i stay on a dangerous spot.
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